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Nov 21, 2016
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January 2

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Dark sage

Jr. Developer

Dark Quester crashing upon start due to an IllegalStateException has been resolved Nov 24, 2022

    1. Eymoses99
      blood rune crafting works well but soul runes the bot stucks on way after first round! pls fix that
    2. Eddiiee
      the RC bot gets stuck at bottom of stairs aftering crafting the runes at the blood alter. makes it very obvious..
    3. MRd8
      Can I get a refund for the times I tried to use pyramid script
      1. Defeat3d
        Jan 5, 2023
    4. Graham Stephan
      Graham Stephan
      I can't seem to get the DarkQuester to do literally anything. It's sad to see how many people purchased a subscription just for it, only to be greeted by a very broken system.
      why? Why make it a subscription only bot...?
    5. Bramment333
      Hey Dark sage, im interested in de mm2 burst/range bot. In a previous post u said u were working on it. Is the bot now bug free and safe to use?
    6. Dark sage
      Dark sage
      Dark Quester crashing upon start due to an IllegalStateException has been resolved
      1. chris223321
        cant get it to work just sits at bank or stuck talking over and over again
        Nov 28, 2022
      2. Dark sage
        Dark sage
        please join my discord server for more help
        Nov 28, 2022
    7. Tanis W
      Tanis W
      is dark cooker pro broken? it keeps saying "please choose desired settings and press apply settings and start" i dont see the apply settings and start, i've always just hit update settings and it runs, now it just walks back and forth ?
    8. jimorna
      hey i paid to get the quest bot, worked on cooks assistant now i cant do it to do anything else? am i using the settings wrong maybe? i tried to only select imp catcher and purchased all the beads but still wouldnt do anything
      1. Graham Stephan likes this.
      2. Dark sage
        Dark sage
        This is a pathing issue will be resolved in future update, refund sent
        Nov 24, 2022
    9. Xight
      Hey Dark,

      Will you re-release your Pyramid Plunder bot?
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      3. Xight
        ThankYouu <3

        Can't wait to make use of that one again!
        Sep 17, 2022
        Dark sage likes this.
      4. Dark sage
        Dark sage
        It's getting some updates and a couple new features with its release :)
        Sep 17, 2022
      5. Xight
        Fuck Yeah :D
        Sep 18, 2022
    10. Dark sage
      Dark sage
      Dark Quester has been released :)
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      2. CuppaJava
        Massive release :O
        Sep 14, 2022
    11. keeg
      what happened to the chinning/bursting mm2 bot??
      1. Dark sage
        Dark sage
        It will be back after some updates, im currently updating my entire bot repo and re-releasing as i deem them stable
        Apr 23, 2022
      2. Dark sage
        Dark sage
        Also it will be under a new name TBD lol, but it wont have the location restrictions ;)
        Apr 23, 2022
    12. Dark sage
      Dark sage
      Dark Zanaris RC has released, make Cosmic or Nature runes via Zanaris banking
    13. Dark sage
      Dark sage
      Dark Cooker is currently broken and will be fixed ASAP sorry in advance
    14. Dark sage
      Dark sage
      RuneMate has been updated to work with the new Entity Models from Jagex, update RuneMate and happy botting!!!! =D
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    15. Dark sage
      Dark sage
      I would like to amend my previous statement, Most bots should work, but there are bugs still remaining, please be patient
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    16. Dark sage
      Dark sage
      Most if not all bots should be working again after today's game update.
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    17. Dark sage
      Dark sage
      Great news. My bots have been updated to fix the banking issue within the client. Cooker and Crafter are available again
      1. Swych
        Dec 5, 2021
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    18. Dark sage
      Dark sage
      Bank withdrawing is currently broken after today's game update.
    19. Dark sage
      Dark sage
      Dark Crafter fully re-written now available
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    20. MrOwl
      Your dark quester bot is really great!
      Keep developing that and you'll overshoot any questing bot in the market.

      1. CuppaJava, Dark sage and dahnae like this.
      2. Dark sage
        Dark sage
        Thanks Mate!! I'm really looking forward to the next update... honestly can't wait as following updates shouldn't take anywhere near as long
        May 29, 2021
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