Nov 4, 2013
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Big update containing bug fixes and full RS3 smithing rework support has been released! All QuickBots are free for the next few days! Aug 27, 2019

    1. dopesalezids
      heyy you quickcook bot isnt clicking the fire or the range at cooks guild or rougues den can u please fix and update the quick cook bot please
      1. Noah
        Hyperion was last seen: 21w 5d ago
        Aug 25, 2022
    2. itsdaroach
      I can't seem to get the guthix rest to work. i have all the ingredients (Hot cup of tea) and i tried twice but it didn't work. can you please describe how i can get it started. I lost two hours worth of money :/
    3. maveli36
      Does this bot have cannon smithing ?
    4. Anthony P Sturm
      Anthony P Sturm
      Hyperion. I use your bots all the time. Most of the are 110% perfect. Your mlm lite bot has an issue where when you go to deposit into the bank, it repeatedly clicks the magnifying glass, instead of the backpack to deposit all. Please look into this when you can and let me know when its fixed! Thank you for all that you do!
    5. Forged Yoshi
      Forged Yoshi
      Your mining bot's don't work, kept charging me...

    6. Corby
      Hey bud! Using your cooking bot right now just wanted to say thank! Seems to be working fine so far in Rogues Den. Didn't quite work with Lummy upstairs castle tho
    7. doasido
      quick cook is broken. worked last night but when doing wines, it withdraws a full inventory of jugs instead of 14
    8. slciks
      low prfit ….high end levelling but to gain them levels!
    9. slciks
      gmaster is low gp but great for them levels without catching ban …..deffo good scriper
    10. jay.chen
      Hey, I used your QuickMiner Pro bot for a long time and it had always worked except till now.
      I keep getting "Unmarshawn Exceptional Thrown" Error . I tried 4 times to troubleshoot the bot but no luck. It charged me 4 hours total(8x4= 32 cents). Please refund me this amount.
    11. jacob0096
      Hey Im having issues with your Herblore Bots. Im setting it to make super restore pots. It does not make any. Just withdrawals 14 spider eyes and the bot says task was complete.
      1. Hyperion
        OSRS or RS3? Can you send me the log via PM?
        Aug 31, 2019
      2. jacob0096
        RS3. Ill send them over now!
        Aug 31, 2019
    12. Bubbafet63
      hey could you change quickcook pizza making to have an option to make it add tomato's in bulk then go back and add the cheese in bulk. It would reduce the time to make to make pizzas by a bit.
      1. Hyperion
        Thanks for the suggestion but we currently have no plans to add support for batching. Sorry!
        Aug 29, 2019
      2. Bubbafet63
        no worries, I will just make a pizza maker myself than.
        Aug 31, 2019
    13. Hyperion
      Big update containing bug fixes and full RS3 smithing rework support has been released! All QuickBots are free for the next few days!
    14. vishnu
      Hi, I was running Quickminer overnight. Morning i found the bot stuck after mining just 100 ores. Stuck but running for 8 hours. It was the PRO version. possible for a refund? I have the log files and screenshots. Not sure if this is private message. new to forums.
      1. Hyperion
        Sure, I've sent you a private message.
        Aug 25, 2019
    15. Hyperion
      QuickSmith now supports RS3 Smithing Rework! All other bots received a big update and are 50% off for limited time only!
      1. Driftson likes this.
    16. Venech
      Quick Cook is amazing, hoping you would update it with bank fixes and not clicking on the item while it's cooking to cook it again. Thanks
    17. kushgod
      Love the QuickMiner PRO been using it for months! The only problem i have recently is osrs had an update and the script tends to click the ore every few seconds not sure if that makes it more suspicious for the antibot system please let me know thanks!
      1. Hyperion
        Do you have the log when this happened?
        Jun 29, 2019
    18. qventuss
      Even if i log in for it, it still doesn't work. I've tried both the powermining and the banking feature, neither works anymore. Would be great if you could help me out since i've used the script before, where it worked perfectly. (2/2)
      1. Hyperion
        Login is handled by the client. For other problems I would need to see the log.
        Jun 29, 2019
    19. qventuss
      Hey man, recently the bot doesn't work at all. It also struggles with logging in, something it wasn't doing before. I play on a f2p account and normally the script would just swap to a f2p world, but now it just keeps trying to login into member worlds over and over again. (1/2)
    20. lordgaben
      Hope all is well. Just want to throw the idea of tossing in pineapple slicing support in your QuickCook. That'd be the bees knees.
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