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Jul 9, 2020 at 8:31 PM
Nov 17, 2014
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Java Warlord, from Zimbabwe Check out Prime 3T Mining for the fastest mining xp in the entire game Apr 8, 2020

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Jul 9, 2020 at 8:31 PM
    1. delta
      Do you do private bots? Thanks!
    2. Fried by kbd
      Fried by kbd
      Your prime fishing isnt dropping the fish. Currently Barb fishing and it clicks the fishing spot and fills the invent but when its full clicks settings, friends list and quest tabs continuously
      1. RobinPC
        Client issue.
        Jun 24, 2020
    3. duaine
      3t been using to many guams uses about 20 a hr then logs
      1. Noah
        Move to a higher ping world.
        May 26, 2020
    4. lns10
      Hey I'm noticing that your pro fisher doesn't recognize if you have a dragon harpoon in you inventory? do you know how to fix this, also just realized by trying out different ways to make it work ive been getting charged everytime.. smfh
      1. Emperos likes this.
    5. joshj1108
      Your 3t fishing is messed up. I went through 15 guam in 20 minutes 3 times today. It also stops and charges me for the full hour. Last night I let it go and it ran for 9 hours and I only got 40k xp... Is there any way to get a refund? .12c is steep for a bot that isn't really working at all.
      1. Emperos likes this.
    6. Savior
    7. Savior
    8. Savior
      Running Hexis Wintertodt at the moment. So far so good, runs really smooth!
    9. xchickiraa
      Your 3t prime fishing isn't working properly
      1. Flextroci
        Fantastic insight, very very detailed. I'm sure it'll get fixed now!
        Mar 18, 2020
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      2. MrBlazinHerbs
        Your 3t prime fishing isn't working properly
        Mar 18, 2020
    10. intwaba
      Hey Dude, the 3t woodcutting isnt working correctly i think..
    11. One Last Dab
      One Last Dab
      any idea when that 3t mining will be done?
      1. Wet Rag
        Wet Rag
        any idea when that 3t mining will be done?
        Jan 10, 2020
    12. BriteLite
      heyy man, just wanted to say that ive been running your 'prime fishing' script and it has been absolutely flawless*! I've shopped around quite abit between different bots and ive gotta say your script is by far my favorite! only thing i would add, its not that big of a deal because i check my bots daily, would be a clue scroll bank/drop option. You're my fricking savior man. keep up the good work ;)
    13. OceanView
      im a big fan of your scripts wish i knew how to script anyways any eta on when you will release a paid verson of 3tick woodcutting ill sponsor your script writing your bots havent gotten me banned yet (:
    14. Thanatos6969
      hey savior, any idea how your fishing bot interacts with clue bottles?
    15. Savior
    16. Savior
      1. RobinPC
        hol up
        Nov 13, 2019
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    17. canela0888
      hey bud, ive been having a lot of trouble with the Prime 3T Fishing script. it'll run but it messes up with the 3t manipulation and makes the tar pretty often to it will burn 4-6 guam in a little over an hour. how do i go about sending the logs?

      also its been great up until the last week or so, just thought id add that. appreciate the time you put in.
    18. Pk3d ur Scim
      Pk3d ur Scim
      Is 3T not working? Ive been charged like 70 cents but it wont start?
      1. Noah
        The client is currently DOWN after todays OSRS update. Please do not run any premium bots until informed that it's back up and healthy.
        Sep 26, 2019
    19. juifenceint
      hey the 3 tick teak bot stuck at adjusting screen any idea on how to fix >? Edit : worked the camera angle by hand and fixed the issue
    20. Savior
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    gmagic is literally the only reason people keep joining runemate. i mean seriously, what other bot has that much usage and that many users? if gengsta took this bot down and published it somewhere else, you bet your asses that would drag at least 50% of all users away with it. all of you loosers teaming up and releasing bots as a group are pathetic lol. gengsta stands ALONE, nobody is assisting him (not that any of you ever could lol), and he is still producing the highest quality bots this scene has probably ever seen. he's literally the definition of an alpha male, and all you virgins should be happy that he keeps showing up at all. and before any of you go cry to arbi, you can stop it right there because gengsta and him actually are best bros irl. i'm out, have fun with your sub-quality bots and your ugly girlfriend waiting at home...


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