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Dec 10, 2014
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Kangaroo farmer

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Bot Author++, from Australia

Fight Caves Mate v1.4.14 is now live, and the crash experienced in the last version has been fixed. Sep 20, 2023

    1. poorgamer
      You can I get a discord link? The link on the Sepulchre page doesn't work.
    2. imindgames
      Hello SlashnHax, I made a bit of a mistake by not reading the billing and payments FAQ, and was unaware that starting and stopping the bot would charge me $1 for every instance I did that, and I was changing some settings up so I wound up with 5x $1 charges. I was curious if I would be eligible for a refund, if not I understand. Thanks
      1. Bean. likes this.
    3. phaavo
      Bro I started 1$/per hour your fight cave bot and it literally crashed in 5-10mins just stopped eating and couldnt close the bot or runelite it just got stuck give me a refund with haste still charged 1usd
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      2. Wet Rag
        Wet Rag
        refund with haste
        Dec 3, 2023
      3. MrBlazinHerbs
        check your attitude little man, use the trial version, and lose the entitlement
        Dec 3, 2023
      4. MrBlazinHerbs
        Dec 4, 2023
    4. bigbradd
      fight cave great bot i got over charged though have sent you a pm can you please respond
    5. Zabatarian
      1. Swych
    6. ForestMaster889
      Hi Slash, the bot failed 3 times and charged me $3 for it, I then done fight caves with prayer only mode and it worked really well however that charged be $2 for a total of $5. If possible could i request a refund of $3 as I was pleased with the prayer only mode.
    7. ColdBloomRS
      Hey Slash! I got charged twice even though I only used it less than 1 hour because I stopped it to turn off plugins (Didnt know I didnt have to stop to turn off plugins) Anyway you could refund the 1 credit? I can send Log and SS of both charges. Normally I wouldn't care but $1 a pop isnt cheap haha.
    8. socket
      Hey Slash, I got to the caves and stopped the bot 2 different times to make sure I had everything I needed, didn't even get chance to fight and got charged $2. anyway I can get that refunded please? I read the post below wish I would have known that before I pressed stop :/
    9. jesseskater37
      ya rapin the game m8
    10. hamblkedorf
      great work on the fight pits! can u make inferno one privately or on runemate for a certain price or is that against the sites rules?
    11. dacxoxo
      Yo Slash, first of all thanks for all ur great work
      I have encounted a small issue with the sepulchre mate last few days, it seems to ignore the fix bridge challenge, just fyi
    12. biggerbaz
      Hey Slash, Loving the fighter mate bot! Don't know if you saw my message on discord but is there a way to trigger the break handler when the bot isn't banking and fighting at hill giants or other NPC's all the time?

      Apart from that I love all the settings you have built into it - couldn't ask for a better fighter!
    13. AgentUnknown
      Hey there, I used the fight cave Mate last night and fell asleep. It continued to charge me for an extra 4 hours after it completed the cape for some reason. Normally I wouldn't even say anything but at a dollar a pop it got expensive. Thanks man
      1. SlashnHax
        Did it end up doing multiple capes? If it was set up to stop on 1 completion it should have done so, otherwise it'll keep going.
        Oct 31, 2023
        AgentUnknown likes this.
      2. AgentUnknown
        It did one cape and logged out but kept charging me. I woke up and noticed a good chunk of money missing from my balance and thought maybe it did multiple but it just did 1 like I asked. I actually had to manually turn the script off when I woke up.
        Nov 1, 2023
      3. SlashnHax
        Yeah weird, can you dm me the logs and a screenshot of the transactions please?
        Nov 1, 2023
    14. Justing1101
      I'm starting the bot after loading everything, last night I started it and there was 0 issue but this morning I restarted it and it just stands on the first floor, if i log out in/ itll run to the fire on floor one, get burned then stand still. - For sepulchre
    15. LRG Gilly
      LRG Gilly
      Fight cave keeps giving me an error and taking the money after starting, can't get it to work. I have a screenshot showing the issue. - update - Completely Resolved thank you!
    16. Vin17
      Would you be able to tell me why every time I try to use the blue dragon bot, it starts and opens the bank, and then just crashes after saying "Withdrawing 4 of NONE."
      1. SlashnHax
        Weird, I'll look into it
        Oct 19, 2023
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    17. ItsMrChechen
      can u refund me my 1 credit ur bot crashed as soon as it started i have a screenshot
      1. SlashnHax
        Yeah sure, send me a screenshot of the error and your transactions via dm please
        Oct 17, 2023
        jesseskater37 likes this.
    18. Dogdog109
      Hi, started fight caves mate, then noticed it's used $3 already and it's half an hour into the bot? Please could you refund 2 of the dollars. Idk if it's because i had to stop and start the bot twice because I had plugins turned on? Thank you. Great bot
      1. Aidden
        Yes that's why. RuneMate bills you at the start of every session and at the start of every hour. Bots have no control over this.
        Sep 23, 2023
        Bean. likes this.
      2. Dogdog109
        Ah okay I will bare that in mind in future and make sure all plugins are off first thanks for the info
        Sep 23, 2023
      3. SlashnHax
        For future reference, you don't need to stop a bot to turn your plugins off, can you please DM me a screenshot of your transactions showing the charges? :)
        Sep 23, 2023
    19. SlashnHax
      Fight Caves Mate v1.4.14 is now live, and the crash experienced in the last version has been fixed.
      1. Archiball
        you making an inferno one too?
        Nov 16, 2023
    20. SlashnHax
      Fight Caves Mate (1.4.13) is currently experiencing an issue regarding settings. Please wait for the fix to be live (1.4.14) before running.
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