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1.5T Calcified Rocks Miner Trial 1.1.11

Mines Calcified Rocks

  1. michael5555
    Mines calcified rocks for prayer and mining xp. Allows 1.5 tick

    • Tick manipulation ( requires Direct Input enabled in RM client settings )
    • Normal mode, just mines like any other player would
    • Prioritises waterfalls if we are not debuffed
    • Uses dragon pick special


    • Pickaxe
    • Guam leaf, pestle and mortar, 15 swamp tar for tick manipulation. Bring spare swamp tar and grimy guam leafs in case of lag
    • Start the bot inside the mining area with a pickaxe
    • If you are using 1.5tick manipulation you will need grimy guam, pestle and mortar and 15 swamp tar
    Example 1.5 tick manipulation inventory