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1 Tick Hunter Mate Trial 2.0.0

One by one.

  1. Defeat3d
    Uses tick manipulation to achieve the highest possible hunter experience rate.

    Key features:
    • Supports all locations - beware this bot will work for black chinchompas, but won't avoid getting killed!
    • Supports all sorts of 3 tick item combinations - see below for an overview
    • Supports Celastrus bark and knife for 4 tick trap resets
    • Will clean a herb or switch item combination when necessary
    • Intelligent crash prevention - will confuse the crasher rather than get confused!
    • Box traps - I recommend bringing a few extra!
    • 3 tick item combination - see below
    • (Optional) Celastrus bark and knife - requires 40 fletching

    This bot can use any 3 tick item combination listed in the image below. Additionally, Celastrus bark in combination with a knife can be used to start 4 tick cycles for even quicker trap resets!

    Please note that this bot requires low latency (lag, ping) and a stable connection to perform optimally, so I recommend finding yourself a stable world with low ping.