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AIO Construction 1.1.8

Construction bot for all your needs

  1. michael5555
    1. Fill up your moneybag if you have it, otherwise ensure you have money in inventory
    2. Ensure you have saw + hammer or gardening cans if using bagged plants
    3. Ensure you have planks in your bank (butler fetch from bank mode) or noted planks in inventory (phials + butler unnote mode)
    4. Start the bot in your house with building mode turned on
    • Supports moneybag/money in inventory
    • Supports Butler/Demon butler and Phials
    • Fetch planks from bank or unnote from inventory
    • All of the relevant furniture
    • Smart plank fetch calculation and failsafes
    • Crude wooden chair (parlour)
    • Wooden chair (parlour)
    • Oak chair (parlour)
    • Oak larder (kitchen)
    • Oak dining table (dining room)
    • Carved oak table (dining room)
    • Teak table (dining room)
    • Mahogany table (dining room)
    • Cape of legends (hall - quest trophies)
    • Mythical cape (hall - quest trophies)
    • Bagged plants

Recent Reviews

  1. Playing RS is Gay
    Playing RS is Gay
    Version: 1.1.5
    Works fast and well, only annoying thing about this bot is it will not work if you have 2 kitchens in your house. Once it removes the one larder, it keeps trying to run to the other one.
  2. golf
    Version: 1.1.4
    Works great with oak larders - unfortunately, does not seem to work with mythical capes (despite standing next to it):

    Could not traverse to Coordinate
    Traversing to Coordinate to build Mythical cape
    Unable to find source subGraph Vertex, falling back to dummy
    Unable to find destination subgraphs: destinations, destinationSubGraphs=
    [WARN ] [Navigation] Unable to find lean graph for graph:

    Unfortunately, find this over 4 sessions (to work out what the problem was) ended up costing $0.48 - surely it shouldn't charge until at least a minute has passed (I'm not sure if that's a RuneMate policy?)
  3. unchained2020
    Version: 1.1.4
    got 99 with it no ban.
  4. jjd883
    Version: 1.1.2
    Love this bot, Did mythical capes all the way to 99 flawlessly.
  5. NoNamee
    Version: 1.1.2
    Love this bot! My favourite aspect has to be how the mouse is moved to interact with the objects. The slight delays between interaction with the construction interfaces make it super humanlike. And finally how it preemtively sends the servant to collect more items before the inventory is empty is great for efficiency.

    If i had to be picky, one thing i'd love to see implemented is an idling setting... simulating short afk pauses. it's a personal preference, but i don't like using break handlers unless there's an option to not logout, so having an idling setting would cover this.

    regardless, the bot works perfectly without any issues.
  6. army85
    Version: 1.1.2
    Updating my old review because I said the bot would be 5/5 if butler banking was fixed and if a stop timer was added. Bot now has those things and is working fantastically! Doing mounted mythical capes to 99 construction and it's working great!
  7. army85
    Version: 1.1.1
    It's pretty good, just not super polished and missing some features. I did mounted mythical cape, and the bot would mess up the menu options when asking butler to retrieve items and it just would not work that way. I had to instead do the "unnote with butler" option, and that worked well enough.

    A few times the bot had an error and ended itself which is a bit annoying, but it didn't happen much.

    The bot doesn't have a stop timer which sucks.

    Overall a bit finicky to get working, but not too tough, and works quite well. It also doesn't feel "too fast" or "too bot-like", so I feel good about using this bot.

    Fix the crashes, fix butler banking, and add a stop timer, and this bot would be easily 5/5
    1. michael5555
      Author's Response
      Hey mate, just took a look. Butler bank fetching appears fine for me. Could it be a runelite plugin messing with your chat dialog?

      Can you send me logs for any crashes? Haven't seen any exception logs on my dev panel
  8. HeelHollandNakt
    Version: 1.0.9
    works fast and easy to use
  9. Defeat3d
    Version: 1.0.5
    very smooth