Alpha Abyss Camper 1.0

AFK 99 melee skills easily.

  1. Aria
    As of 2017/1/27 ability casting is fully functional. Read the "Combat Settings" section for more information.

    Sponsored by @bdwill2 and @Azure

    Instructions for use:


    Click the "Save Camping Position" at the location you want to camp at.
    Click the "Save Reset Position" at the location you want to run to reset aggro every 10 minutes.
    "Always stay in exact position" forces your character to always stand on the same tile when attacking, instead of being able to wander in a 3x3 radius around the saved camping position.

    The bot supports using most pots, just have them in your inventory. Some newer ones may not work, but if you want them added (and if it's REALLY important that support for the potion be added) post on the thread.

    Most people use Guthans with this bot to avoid the need to restock. It's fairly easy to get over 400k exp/hr with it. Wear a ring of life in case you forget to repair your gear or the bot messes up.

    Combat settings:

    You must have auto-retaliate enabled.

    Use Revolution and have the threshold abilities you want to manually cast in the first few slots of your action bar. I recommend using Smash and Whirlwind. You can also use Berserk if you're higher level.
    Make sure the abilities you are using have keys bound to them.

    Finally, you MUST have the ability cooldown timer enabled - this is the #1 reason people report that the bot "doesn't work" and/or "doesn't use abilities".


    For reference, here is my actionbar:
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Recent Reviews

  1. wbblanck
    Version: 1.0
    i having problems with manual abilities if that becomes fixed 10/10. a lot of potential
  2. matheus lamas
    matheus lamas
    Version: 1.0
    Need some more updates, but it's very useful!
  3. graeme4816
    Version: 1.0
    a good bot, have trouble with the casting of manual abilities however.
  4. Shady Bliss
    Shady Bliss
    Version: 1.0
    This is definitely a good bot, but it needs Soul split support (use at 40% health and stop at 80% health) , and a better "what health to eat at" bar.