Alpha Abyss Runecrafter 1.00

RC bot with goldfarmer-grade stability

  1. Aria
    Bug/issue report form:

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    1. Brief description of the bug:
    3. Any cosmetic items from Solomon/Loyalty rewards you were using at the time:
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    Bug/issue reports that don't use this form will probably be ignored, especially if a screenshot and/or video is not included.


    Goldfarmer-grade stability: Runs for many hours without breaking. Has the dubious honor of being so stable I got some of my bots banned for running too long when I forgot to turn the bot off overnight. Quickly recovers from any deaths.
    Supports all abyssal familiars
    Supports small, medium, large, and giant pouches
    Supports using Amulets of Glory and Forinthry Braces (prevents you from being skulled upon entering the Abyss, so many pkers will ignore you)
    Supports using Freedom (ability) if it is on your action bar to escape from pkers who use abilities that bind you in place
    Supports using Surge (ability) if it is on your action bar
    Will reclaim pouches from the Dark Mage and the Runecrafting Guild if they are lost
    Can stop after a specified amount of time to prevent bans from forgetting to stop the bot (I recommend 10-12 hours)

    The bot will continue to run even if it runs out of glories or braces (unless you want it to stop when you run out of braces).


    Due to the release of Spectre some internal bot methods are broken/malfunctioning. I've patched some of the issues, but unfortunately I can't resolve all of them.

    Issues due to Spectre:
    The Death Anti-random is broken.
    Retrieving pouches is also broken.
    Run this bot in fixed size legacy mode.
    Surge and Freedom are currently not working.
    Because of the above factors, you should only run this bot on a low level account so you can avoid PKers, which will break the bot.

    Have your pure essence, familiar inventory, and pouches set to preset 1.
    If you're using an amulet of glory, have it on your action bar.
    The action bar slots that surge/freedom/glory are on need to be bound to a key.


    Spectre progress report on an account with double nats, 4 pouches, level 1 magic, and a glory.

    Crafting double cosmic runes with an glory, abyssal titan, and 4 pouches.

    Crafting nature runes with a glory, abyssal titan, 4 pouches, and surge.

    Crafting double nature runes with a glory, abyssal titan, 4 pouches, and surge.

    On a laggy VPS with only 3 pouches and no glory amulets.
    Same account, this time with amulets of glory, and same VPS, with some minor code adjustments to account for the increased lag.

Recent Reviews

  1. Steeeve
    Version: 1.00
    the bot works so i cant say much on that subject. is SOOOOOOO slow, i can get about 40-50 runs per hour using robs nature runner and im only gettin like 15-20 runs per hour with this bot. only thing it has on robs is it will run every single rune type.
  2. Razzu
    Version: 1.00
    Very good bot, but ya need to make it faster, bcz my char gets killed very often. Could ya Make it retry the barrage faster (if failed) and walk faster to the barrage spot?
  3. dezmin
    Version: 1.00
    to slow takes more then 5 sec to hop in wild and banking with glory and all that stuff is just messed up need to be more fluent
  4. douglasyc
    Version: 1.00
    doesn`t walk after you teleport to the abyss
  5. Azure
    Version: 1.00
    In the current state if it were free I would give it 3 stars, maybe. But for a premium bot it is very slow, and doesn't have an anti death feature (which is likely on a level 70ish account due to how slow it is navigating abyss). Definitely not worth premium status in its current state.
  6. Purple Haze
    Purple Haze
    Version: 1.00
    Script is slow at going through the rifts. If the obstacles you pick are not on the screen when teleporting in, it takes awhile to find the right one. When failing an obstacle it takes to long to try again and takes alot of damage (lower levels die within 1-3 fails)
  7. neck
    Version: 0.03
    As stable and as fast as it gets, really. Fail-safes for pretty much everything. The gains don't lie. (blood runes using abyssal titan, glories, surge, and Morytania legs 2)