Alpha Agility 2.2.1

Round and round and round we go

  1. SlashnHax
    Alpha Agility
    • Advanced entity selection.
    • Chat manager.
    • Idle timeout failsafe.
    • Intrinsic anti-pattern.
    • Informative UI.
    Supported courses:

    • Burthorpe
    • Gnome Stronghold Basic and Advanced
    • Barbarian Outpost and Advanced
    • Ape Atoll
    • Wilderness
    • Werewolf
    • Hefin
    • Coming soon
    Being rewritten: Alpha Agility v2 | Community | RuneMate

Recent Reviews

  1. OnionFace
    Version: 2.2.1
    Works great, ran for just over an hour on the Hefin course, would love options to take the shortcuts @ Hefin, use Juju potions and an xp/hr tracker
  2. iiVynirs
    Version: 2.2.1
    Absolutely perfect. This does everything it says and more. Ran it nonstop without any issues, amazing break handling, simply could not be better.
  3. oabdellatif
    Version: 2.2.1
    Works incredibly well. No issues with the Canifis or Seer's Village agility courses. Clicking could be faster but that's just a minor knock on the bot.
  4. jerry tobias sandar
    jerry tobias sandar
    Version: 2.2.1
    does not work that great in wild it goes on for 10 minutes but then crashes
  5. Josh Mather
    Josh Mather
    Version: 2.2.1
    In the Wildy course, the bot keeps spinning the screen for about 10 seconds, does next obstacle then repeats spinning.
  6. 111
    Version: 2.2.1
    Too many clicks, very obvious, turn it to 2-4 clicks if possible at random. So far Varrock course is the only issue, as it gets stuck on the second obstacle. The bot clicks the map and places a flag for the bot to move but it will just sit there at the beginning of the obstacle and not move. It tends to do this every other lap. Overall decent bot
  7. Maimiani
    Version: 2.2.1
    Just try at Burthope. Really good.
  8. NubeBuster
    Version: 2.2.1
    It works very well. However it would be a lot better if the bot would not click 6 times on every passage - rather 1 to 3 at random. This would make the bot less obvious
  9. nouhangup
    Version: 2.2.1
    its excellent got from 70-75 and im going to keep using it but if you add the seer's village teleport method it will the exp gain almost double from 33k to 55k if u could add that it will be so great :D
  10. Manlycat
    Version: 2.2.1
    Script works great, when it works! Tried it only on Ape Atoll, but it stops working after 10 minutes. I've also noticed it likes to open the world map sometimes. I was able to run it for an hour the other day without it stopping, i've watched to see what stops it and it seems random. Can't figure it out.