Alpha Air Orb Runner 1.12

The most efficient Air Orb running bot!

  1. Aria
    This bot charges Air Orbs at the Edgeville Air Obelisk for ~33k magic exp/hr and 350k-400k gp/hr. Due to the relatively low amount of time required to level accounts to charge air orbs (as low as 6 hours), charging air orbs is a common goldfarming method.

    This bot also supports RS3, where it earns ~1m gp/hr.


    -Easy setup: This bot was designed by an experienced goldfarmer who paid for college by goldfarming.
    -Uses stamina potions
    -Uses magic potions if the player has less than 66 magic
    -Teleports from pkers
    -Hops worlds if the player dies/after teleporting from a pker
    -Heals at the bank if below a certain HP threshold
    -Replaces missing equips at the bank
    -3 tick air orb crafting (this significantly increases your gp and exp/hr, but may increase the risk of a ban)

    Required stats:
    -62 magic (66 magic without boosting)
    -30 hp

    It's recommended that you keep your combat level as low as possible so fewer pkers with TB can attack you.

    Required items:
    -Staff of air equipped (have multiple in bank)
    -Charged amulets of glory equipped for OSRS (the bot will use the lodestone teleport on RS3)
    -Stamina potions for OSRS (the bot will continue to run without them, but your xp/h will significantly decrease and you're also much more likely to die since you will take more damage from monsters along the way)
    -Cosmic runes/unpowered orbs
    -Magic potions if your magic level is less than 66
    -Food to heal at the bank with (recommended: Jug of Wine, as they cost 4 gp each and heal 11 hp)

    Other settings:
    -You need to disable the warning that appears when entering the Wilderness (manually enter the Wilderness on 7 different worlds, then the option to disable that warning will appear) before using this bot, as the navigation web does not support handling that message. A warning will appear if you have not disabled that warning.
    -You should disable attacking other players so you don't skull yourself by accident.

Recent Reviews

  1. esnifer
    Version: 1.11
    I would love to rate this 5 stars i mean, it walks to the trapdoor, the ladder, etc. (RS3) BUT IT DOESN'T GO TO BANK THE ORBS AFTER AND TRY TO RE-RUN WITH CHARGED ORBS IN INV until it get stuck in a wall or something and bot closes..
  2. Dubstep
    Version: 1.1
    doesnt open the edgeville trapdoor , wouldent recommend using this especialy for a paid script. runs stuck at wilderniss ladder aswell + door to druids is timed to long , whas using it on rs3 , unless this gets fixed i woudent use it
  3. Jacob.Kelley
    Version: 1.1
    Can't even make it from edgeville to the trap door
    1. Aria
      Author's Response
      Can you please describe, in detail, what the bot does when it fails to enter the trapdoor? The web walker has been known to fail at times.
  4. henry95
    Version: 1.1
    it has trouble going from bank to trap door it would be a good bot if it was fixed