Alpha Dragons 0.1.1d

Destroying RuneScape wildlife since 2014!

  1. Eagles13
    Alpha Dragons is a universal dragon killer for RuneScape 3. It currently supports blue and green dragons, but support for all chromatic, metal, and a few special other dragons are in the works.

    Screenshots & setup information:
    • Blue dragons
      • Gu'Tanoth - an area in the troll stronghold. This does require quest completion, and Rings of duelling are required for teleportation.
      • Taverly dungeon - the bot will favour using the agility pipe, if agility level is not high enough, a dusty key will be withdrawn and used.
      • Taverly resource dungeon - similar to the Taverly dungeon, only dragons are more spaced out. A dungeoneeering level of 60 is required.
    • Green dragons
      • Green dragons can be killed in the low level wilderness area with 3 spawns. By default, the bot will use the Edgeville lodestone to bank. However, if PKers are encountered, a worn amulet of glory will be used in order to get back to safety more quickly.

    1: Dragon type selector combobox.
    2: Dragon location selector combobox.
    3: Navigation method (to dragons) selector combobox.
    4: Navigation method (to bank) selector combobox.


    1: The minimum health percentage at which to eat food.
    2: The maximum health percentage at which to eat food.


    1: List of items which will be withdrawn into the inventory from the bank before each run
    2: The delete button. Removes items from the list
    3: The category of the item you want to add
    4: The name of the item you want to add
    5: The number of the item you want to add
    6: The add button. Please note that in Alpha Dragons, as opposed to JBlueDragons, dusty key and other required items are handled by the bot itself.


    1 & 2: Items to be looted
    3: The delete button. Removes items from the list
    4: The add button. Adds the name of an item in the textbox to the list of items to loot.
    5: Loot restricter combobox. Selecting a higher number (e.g. 4) means that the bot will only enter loot mode and pick up all the items when there are at least 4 of them on the ground. This is useful if there's a high player count in your selected area.

Recent Reviews

  1. n0g0d
    Version: 0.1.1d
    it does not work in taverly dungeon
  2. jake smoak
    jake smoak
    Version: 0.1.1d