Alpha Elder Chaos Druids 1.0

The fastest combat exp in RuneScape!

  1. Aria
    Presenting Alpha Chaos Druids - the highest combat exp/hr in OSRS that does not involve the use of chinchompas/cannons.

    This bot kills Elder Chaos Druids at the Chaos Altar at level 13 Wilderness.

    Users can achieve 150k+ xp/h at 90+ combat stats when using a Wilderness weapon like Viggora's Chainmace and Craw's Bow. That is because those weapons deal 50% more damage to NPCs inside the Wilderness when charged with revenant ether. On top of that, there is an altar in the middle of the island to quickly replenish prayer for free and the druids have a very dense spawn, meaning very little time is spent outside of combat. Despite the cost of using those weapons, users will still profit a small amount of GP due to the herb drops combined with elder robe drops, which are prized for being best in slot magic robes for 1 def pures.

    Craw's Bow is about 15-20% higher xp/h than a blowpipe with mith darts.
    Even without Wilderness weapons, Elder Chaos Druids are still better than NMZ since you have unlimited prayer and also get valuable drops.

    • Detects and teleports from pkers
    • Hops worlds in order to avoid pkers
    • Different teleportation settings: Teleport only from skulled players/players attacking you, or teleport from all players within your level range
    • Loots valuable items
    • Drinks potions (need at least 5 of whatever potion you're using in the bank)
    • Stutters movements in order to reduce the amount of time not attacking a monster while looting items
    • Banks for supplies
    • Teleports if the weapon is out of charges (note: recharging items is not currently supported, so the bot will stop)
    The looting bag is currently not supported because the client doesn't properly detect whether it contains items.

    • 37 prayer (Recommended: As high as possible in order to reduce the frequency at which you have to run to the altar)
    • 60+ att/str so you have a decent hit rate against them
    • Lots of burning amulets, charged amulets of glory, and potions in your bank

    If there is enough demand for Ring of Wealth support, I will add teleporting with that.

    • Start this bot at Edgeville Bank or at the Chaos Altar.
    • Set player attack options to "Hidden".
    • Set NPC attack options to "Left-click where available".
    • Have the prayers you are using set to your quick prayer.
    • A charged amulet of glory is required to use this bot. I also recommend wearing a ring of wealth.
    • If you don't have void equipment, wear gear with a high prayer bonus. Monk robes and proselyte armor are cheap and have a high prayer bonus.
    • Try to bring only two items worth more than 100k, so that even if you get smited you'll keep any elder robes that dropped.

    Factors that will affect your xp/hr:
    • Combat style
      Range will get higher exp/hr than melee because rangers have higher base accuracy, don't have to move as much, and leveling range increases both your accuracy and damage.
    • Your range or str/att levels
    • Weapon and gear
      A Craw's Bow/Viggora's Chainmace is optimal, but this bot will still yield higher xp/h than NMZ even with only a magic shortbow (i).
      A blowpipe will also get you some bonus kills due to venom.
    • Attack range of weapon
      Using a long ranged weapon like Craw's Bow means you won't have to walk as much.
    • Prayer level (higher prayer level = less trips to altar required
    • Agility level (if you have a low agility level you might run out of energy when looting)
    • Activity level (more active hours = more pkers and other slayers)
    Torvesta just made a video about pking at this area, so there will probably be more pkers here than normal. I recommend turning on the "Teleport from all players" setting, since any false alarms won't lower your xp/h by much, as you can bank and be back at the altar within a minute.

    Comparison to other methods:
    • Elder Chaos Druids:
    -90k exp/hr at 70 range with Craw's Bow, no expensive items besides the Craw's Bow
    -150k xp/h at 95+ range with Craw's Bow (according to Reddit)
    -150k xp/h with Viggora's Chainmace with 90+ combat stats (according to Reddit)
    • NMZ:
    -85k xp/h at 85 range with blowpipe
    -100-115k xp/h with Dharoks with 90+ combat stats
    -115k xp/h with blowpipe + void at 99 range
    • Cannoning ogres: 50k xp/h
    • Chinning: 300k+ xp/h
    • Sand crabs: 30-40k xp/h

Recent Reviews

  1. Ramzfall
    Version: 1.0
    When goes to bank bot says 'out of item 'none'' and stops working
  2. Dripsauce00
    Version: 1.0
    I love this script, The Anti-PK is quick and teleports instantly. If there could be a option to Swap glory's when one is out of charges that would be neat. When losing aggro on the druids it kinda starts attacking slowly in between npcs.

    Other than that, this script can go a long way. Cheers!
  3. Orick665
    Version: 1.0
    Why doesn't this get another charged glory from the bank when ithe glory is out of charges are you supposed to use an eternal glory to use this bot?? xd
  4. BasicScripts
    Version: 1.0
    It works basically with a bit of errors, like tping randomly to edgeville with no reason, doest reset aggro sadly which makes it stop and become idle for few moments not doing anything, overall it does the job :)
  5. Darkbeast23
    Version: 1.0
    Doesnt seem to reset the druids you should also add a bank feature that re stocks the either in the viggoras mace
  6. Truelegends
    Version: 1.0
    So far so good been running a little over an hour doesn't seem to reset the Elders though?
  7. pkerchamp
    Version: 1.0
    I really like this bot and it seems to work fairly well. Sometimes the bot gets stuck at the bank and sometimes it will hop early too. The pker autotele feature is nice but could be improved. Also would be nice to have better pick up controls. Thx for the release