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Ape Atoll Skeleton Slaughterer Trial 1.1.0

Slaughters skeletons

  1. michael5555
    Trial version limited to 1 hour. It will teleport out when the time is up

    This is a dangerous activity. Babysit the bot for 5 minutes to ensure it is working with your setup. Use a runelite profile that doesn't have any plugins enabled to prevent any unforeseen bugs I cannot account for.

    Also, if you have MM2 or the requirements to do it use this bot instead. It will be double the xp rates in the MM2 tunnels and quite frankly, that bot is battle-tested while this one isn't.


    • Prayer flicking so you never need to use prayer pots
    • Always attacks the most optimal skeleton (3x3 clump)
    • Picks up and drops skeleton bones to ensure optimal skeleton count spawns
    • Supports both chinning and ancients
    • Drinks ranging/magic potions (incl. divine) and uses imbued/saturated heart
    • Resets aggro timer
    • Automatically equips new chinchompas from inventory. i.e start with black chins and move onto red chins when out of black chins
    • Teleports when out of chins/runes/prayer -> supports any teleport tab or grand seed pod
    • Eats food in the inventory if we need to for divine potions
    • Failsafe bot stoppage if dced or 6h logged with low health (due to divine potion)
    • Bring 2-3 food with eat option (Sharks, Manta Rays, etc). Bring a few more if you use divine potions and prayer flicking
    • Bring a one click teleport tab such as varrock teleport
    • If using mage, ensure your staff can autocast ancients
    • Start at the first skeleton location. The one in this video. The bot is no good at navigating the tunnels, however it will attempt to if you don't start at the correct location!
    Example inventory

    Known bugs:

    • The bot sucks at navigating the tunnels. Start it at the first skeleton spot, the one in this video

Recent Reviews

  1. reeee18
    Version: 1.0.2
    Works perfectly fine got 99 mage in a few days on my pure. Only downside is it doesn’t re supply automatically, you manually have to bring it to the caves and start the bot.