ApexDivination LITE 3.3.4

Divination at its best.

  1. proxi
    This is the Lite version of the bot, which will stop botting after 15 minutes. If you'd like a longer session, please use the PRO version.

    Highly configurable. Support all wisps/location. Custom AntiBan.

    This bot will have several updates applied to it overtime.
    Please leave any feedback and suggestions below :)



    - Screen Options:
    -- Reccomended setup: http://i.imgur.com/nWOZOtB.png
    - Start bot with the Energy Rift in the renderable area
    -- In V2.0.0 and up, the GUI will prompt you if you are not close to the rift
    - Select the desired settings within the GUI
    - Press start

    Use at your own discretion.

    Supported Features:

      • All Wisps and Locations! (Some locations are Premium Only)
      • All Conversion methods
      • Customize your radius to scan for Wisps/Springs
      • Guthixian Cache Support
      • Customize the inventory count to convert your memories (because if(Inventory.isFull()) isn't human-like :p)
      • Collect Enriched Wisps/Springs
      • Collect Guthixian Butterflies
      • Collect Chronicles
        • This feature is on a timer.
        • Ex. If a chronicle is captured, it will not capture another chronicle for a random time from 5 seconds - 5 minutes. #AntiBan
      • Configurable AntiBan
        • Several AntiBans that can be toggled to fit your playstyle
        • AntiBan execution timer
    Anti-Ban (Configurable in GUI):

      • Random Camera turns with Middle-Mouse click and Keyboard
      • Hover over random NPC within the area
      • Random delays to actions
      • Hover over random and future fishing spots
      • Upon level-up, bot will click on the skill as if the user was checking the new unlocks
      • Hover over random game objects within the area
      • Will right click on a random player within the area
      • Will hover over a random player within the area
      • Will hover over skill icon as if a player wanted to know their current XP or XP remaining
    Customizable GUI:


    Future Updates:

      • Summoning Support
    Feel free to leave comments on features that you would like to see!

    ApexDivination Updates:
    V3.0.5 - 1/29/17:
    - Added support for Guthixian Cache
    - Grabs appropriate memory for user's level
    - Toggles event buff (immunity and double points) when available
    - Added support for catching Guthixian Butterflies

    V3.0.4 - 1/22/17:
    - Now supports Pro and Lite models

    V3.0.2 - 12/24/16:
    - Added failsafe for Interface interaction if the conversion interface appears from an accidental misclick on the rift

    V3.0.1 - 12/12/16:
    - Complete rewrite using TreeBot and new features in SudoAPI

    V2.1.0 - 7/1/16:
    - Guthixian Cache support now fully works
    - Improved interactions with wisps, springs, and rifts
    - Bot now stops grabbing Chronicle Fragments if limit is reached

    V2.0.5 - 5/20/16:
    - Hunter Skill added to tracking
    - Wisp targeting has been improved
    - Now only targets new wisp if the previously targeted wisp no longer exists
    - Now using newest SudoAPI
    - Updated GUI
    - Advanced informative stat tracking
    - Added global gross income tracking (GP and GP/Hour)

    SudoBot Update 5/20/16:
    - Keep a gross income of all items that enter and leave the player's inventory
    - Keeps track of the player's skill stats and informative bot specific stats
    - Now transfer stat information to info GUI in a cleaner way
    - New GUI
    - Stat and Bot information is now displayed through JavaFX TableView (collapsible)
    - Informative stats and values populate in GUI dynamically
    - Current Task and AntiBan Logs now display in ListViews (collapsible)
    - New abstract InfoUIController to handle JavaFX functionality that is consistent between all SudoBots

    V2.0.4 - 5/14/16:
    - Complete Info GUI Rewrite on all SudoBots
    - GUI is expandable with drop-down Titlebars
    - Current Task is now displayed in a ListView (with max count of 20)
    - AntiBan Task is now displayed in a ListView (with max count of 20)
    - Each SudoBot has their corresponding name in an ImageView on the top now.

    V2.0.3 - 5/2/16:
    - Guthixian Cache in closed beta staged (Disabled in GUI)
    - Fixed bug that caused the bot to continuously click on the rift when converting to energy
    - Updated SudoGUI
    - Added Anagogic Ort pickup to SudoBots

    V2.0.2 - 4/25/16:
    - Fixed bug for GP/Hour not being 100% accurate

    V2.0.1 - 4/22/16:
    - Added Energy collected
    - Added GP/Hour

    V2.0.0 - 4/20/16:
    - Fully updated to work with the new RuneMate Spectre client
    - Uses the new SudoTask system
    - Added configuration for SudoBuddy
    - SudoBuddy details will be announced soon
    - Bot settings can now be updated while the bot is running
    - If bot happens to obtain items from misclicks, it will now drop those items
    - Now using SudoAPI (SudoBot and SudoTask)
    - Added Middle-Mouse camera turning support
    - Improved traverals and interactions
    - Improved overall logic

    v1.0.1 - 3/14/16:
    - Bot approved as supporter only
    - Fixed bug when interacting with chronicle
    - Improved GUI structure

    v1.0.0 - 3/14/16:
    - Initial push to bot store

    Known Bugs:

      • None!

      • Where were you?
      • What wisps/springs were you interacting with?
      • Give, in great details, exactly what happened.
      • Copy and paste the "Current Task Log" in your bug report.

    Progress Reports:

    We have worked to make SudoDivination an all around great Divination Bot. If you feel we deserve a donation, hit the button below :) (Donations are not required, but greatly appreciated!)

Recent Reviews

  1. klarcher
    Version: 3.0.8
    Hey, Is it possible for you to add an option to disable the capturing of Guthixan Butterflys
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      Yea! I'll put in a checkbox and have it pushed out by tomorrow :) Thanks for your review!
  2. mlinfedel
    Version: 3.0.7
    Really good bot! it has made me mills already! anti-ban works flawless! no ban for me. thnx 5/5
  3. mpraharsha2
    Version: 3.0.2
    Fantastic bot, love the anti ban features.
  4. dumdum123
    Version: 3.0.1
    Actually amazing bot really deservers 5 stars.
    But when bot catches the limit of chronicles it still keeps catching them.(which is kinda sad,so i have to hand in chronicles and start bot again) Also Love the antiban system.
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      Thanks for letting me know about the chronicles :) It should stop after 30, I'll look into it!
  5. born4royalty
    Version: 2.1.3
    ran this bad boy for 27 hours strait hasnt let me down yet!!!!
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      Glad to see you enjoy it :) Thanks for the great review!

      Might I add, be careful suicide botting lol.
  6. the loop
    the loop
    Version: 2.1.3
    Their are a few issues in the script that needs to be worked on, if you click not to do the Guthixaian Cache it, it clicks on it and goes into the rift and gets stuck, and in theIncandescent energy area the accounts run around the rift in a circle appearing a "bot" which is bad, this script has alot of potential and i would love to see some improvements.
  7. Skyscrapers
    Version: 2.0.7
    I really like the radius feature in this bot compared to the others one which don't have it. This bot also seems to search for wisps outside of the rift which is a huge plus since it doesn't have the problem of going idle randomly. Two things that look awkward though: 1) The bot sometimes right clicks a wisp or the rift a couple of times before it actually chooses the option. 2) It also sometimes clicks to harvest a wisp twice. once before the character actually is in front of it and just after the character starts harvesting. i set the radius to 4 and my mouse speed is 0.5
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and the list of adjustments you'd like to see :) I'll mess around with the bot and see if I can optimize the interactions :)
  8. jackwilton
    Version: 2.0.7
    the guthix cache part it will unequip the weapon but then just stand there so i have to leave and turn it off
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Could you go into more detail in a comment in the bot's discussion section?
  9. mew
    Version: 2.0.0
    Amazing work in progress!
    Get hyped :D
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      Thanks Mew! I'll be adding those modifications that you requested soon :) <3