Atlas Blast Furnace 1.3.1

Blasted dwarf shit

  1. tyb51
    Atlas Blast Furnace
    The newest iteration in the atlas bot collection.
    • Supported bars: Copper, Iron, Steel, Silver, Gold, Mithril, Adamant and Runite
    • Support for Stamina potions
    • Support for coal bag
    • Support for Ice gloves and Bucket of water
    • Support for Goldsmithing gauntlet
    • Support for Goldsmithing and ice glove switching (have one on, one in the inventory)
    • Support for Foreman payments below lvl 60.
    • Support to fill coffers
    • Support for bank fillers. (Make sure you set them up yourself)
    • Customized PlayerSensed interactions troughout the whole bot
    • The new 2019 Atlas bot UI for easy option selection, xp and gold tracking and break configuration in one interactive screen
    • Start with an empty coal bag
    • Advised to start with an empty collection of ores (tho the bot should handle most cases)
    • Add Slider in UI for you to specify amount-range to fill coffer with
    • Add auto-resupply at G.E. (longterm, if requested)
    • Fix bugs you guys have to report
    How to configure OCCode Bot Management (Beta)
    Head to Dashboard If you're a new user, toggle the button at the bottom and enter a new email and password to sign up with.
    If you're an existing user, put in your log in credentials.
    Check out your new dashboard at Dashboard where you can view all of your live sessions, your past sessions, and other miscellaneous information.
    Go to setting to configure your account for runemate and wait for an automated private message on the runemate forums with your configuration key

Recent Reviews

  1. FellaInParis
    Version: 1.3.1
    Shit bot, got me banned within 2h use.
  2. Fred_Nickles
    Version: 1.3.1
    Clicking start instance crashes the RS client and crashes the Runemate client, sending into endless loading spin. Tried multiple times.
  3. gameshadow
    Version: 1.3.1
    Getting the coal from the bank is way too efficient. No normal person could fill the coal bag that quick and fill the inventory with coal within less than a second. Could you make a small dynamic delay for this? between 0.1 - 0.3 seconds perhaps?
  4. artin15136
    Version: 1.3.1
    i got banned after using this bot for 3 to 4 hour
  5. crzzzy
    Version: 1.3.1
    Reposting a new review after giving this 3/5 stars. I was having an issue with running to the bank too soon after each ore load. It would click towards the bank and then double back to get the bars. I realized I had a single extra bar in the dispenser thing that was causing the bot to have issues. Make sure the dispenser is empty!! Running great now.
  6. Runes1001
    Version: 1.3.1
    After my last review Tyb51 has updated the bot and boy oh boy does it do well now. Much more efficient and the error where it got stuck in the bank trying to fill the coal bag is fixed as well.
    Currently getting about 1.800-2000 addy bars/hour which is very impressive.

    5/5 would recommend this bot and props to Tyb51 for the quick response and actively developing on his bot.
  7. Runes1001
    Version: 1.3.0
    Overall the bot works fine, but fairly often it misclicks when going to the conveyer belt and therefore wastes a lot of time running elsewhere.
    Furthermore if using a coal bag it gets stuck after about 30-60 min where it tries to fill an already full coal bag. Pausing the bot, emptying the coal back manually, and resuming the bot fixes it because it can now fill the coal bag properly.
    Unfortunately haven't been able to get more than 600-800 bars an hour doing adamantite.

    Some minor improvements on pathing would be very good. Especially when it is done taking ores out of the bank it clicks the minimap to walk to the belt. Very often it misclicks or tries to click on the belt while running and this causes it to misclick. A quick optimization would be to close the bank by clicking the x and then click on the belt while standing still. This would fix a lot of the misclicks and ineffeciencies
    1. tyb51
      Author's Response
      Some ineffeciencies are intended (player Senses pattern disruption: I added incorrect coordinates so it isn't 100% perfect every time. It shouldn't however be that often that it interferes as you describe. Also I will try to look at why the CoalBag gets stuck at some point. Good review, thank you!
  8. rawr
    Version: 1.2.95
    During steel bars, the bot handles everything just fine except withdrawing iron ore from the bank. Doing that manually lets it continue just fine until u have to withdraw iron again.
  9. davidhjyffhjuy
    Version: 1.2.95
    I hope this gets updated i cant find a blast furnace bot that works
    1. tyb51
      Author's Response
      If you provide me a description of what's not working for you I can provide a fix
  10. Rob K
    Rob K
    Version: 1.2.95
    Does alright. Have to babysit it. Gets stuck on banking a lot. I only use it for gold bars. It works fine for a few hours but when it disconnects or gets back from break, it has issues with banking and sits there for hours.