Atlas Blast Furnace 1.2.95

Blasted dwarf shit

  1. tyb51
    Atlas Blast Furnace
    The newest iteration in the atlas bot collection.
    • Supported bars: Copper, Iron, Steel, Silver, Gold, Mithril, Adamant and Runite
    • Support for Stamina potions
    • Support for coal bag
    • Support for Ice gloves and Bucket of water
    • Support for Goldsmithing gauntlet
    • Support for Goldsmithing and ice glove switching (have one on, one in the inventory)
    • Support for Foreman payments below lvl 60.
    • Support to fill coffers
    • Support for bank fillers. (Make sure you set them up yourself)
    • Customized PlayerSensed interactions troughout the whole bot
    • The new 2019 Atlas bot UI for easy option selection, xp and gold tracking and break configuration in one interactive screen
    • Start with an empty coal bag
    • Advised to start with an empty collection of ores (tho the bot should handle most cases)
    • Add Slider in UI for you to specify amount-range to fill coffer with
    • Add auto-resupply at G.E. (longterm, if requested)
    • Fix bugs you guys have to report
    How to configure OCCode Bot Management (Beta)
    Head to Dashboard If you're a new user, toggle the button at the bottom and enter a new email and password to sign up with.
    If you're an existing user, put in your log in credentials.
    Check out your new dashboard at Dashboard where you can view all of your live sessions, your past sessions, and other miscellaneous information.
    Go to setting to configure your account for runemate and wait for an automated private message on the runemate forums with your configuration key

Recent Reviews

  1. Hamon1994
    Version: 1.2.95
    needs an update...
  2. LegacyMatters
    Version: 1.2.95
    Worst bot ever. Doesnt even start just scrolls down in the bank. The menu really looks fancy but thats it. if you want to get banned just use this bot for 10 mins
  3. Tactical-Twinkie
    Version: 1.2.95
    Seems like a good bot. Was unclear on what "regular mode" vs "AFK mode" is.
  4. dammahummu
    Version: 1.2.95
    got banned perm, I think I used a few times for like 4 hours, like 3 times a week, so be careful!
  5. Eric Dudley
    Eric Dudley
    Version: 1.2.95
    Runs smoothly, I imagine with ice gloves. However, with a bucket of water, it will keep a bucket and 27 bars in the inventory and sit at bank- the status on the GUI repeats, "banking." Other than that which I imagine is bannable, it works.
  6. jpmcgee
    Version: 1.2.9
    works fairly smooth with gold bars, but runs back to bank before going to collect bars, could get banned for this behavior. (my previous review, about bot getting stuck frequently, was in regards to smithing mith) good at using stamina pots
  7. leetbeaster
    Version: 1.2.6
    Got banned very soon after finding my character spam clicking
    "Place ore on conveyor-belt". The bot gets stuck sometimes and doesn't realise there are bars to be collected so it will just continue clicking on the conveyor belt. This is almost certainly what got me banned.
  8. stainbby
    Version: 1.2.6
    Having some issues with stamina potions, dosen't seem to work for me. Have to manually use them, if not the bot get stuck. Except from this good work!
  9. BigShot
    Version: 1.2.5
    Awesome bot! Can't believe it's free :)
  10. Dopsees
    Version: 1.2.1
    This bot has some awesome potential, but steel bars is bugged when he deposit coal he stands still, when i was doing iron bars everything was perfect except that when he deposted the iron ores he went to bank then went to withdraw the bars and that was pointless, fixing these minor things should make this bot powerfull