Atlas Molten Glass [LITE] 1.2.6

13 methods of glassblowing

  1. tyb51
    Atlas molten glass
    Beta version of new AIO molten glass bot.
    Supported methods
    • Bankstanding at any bank
      • Methods
        • 3 Giant seaweed - 18 Bucket of sand​
        • 2 Giant seaweed - 12 Bucket of sand​
        • 13 Seaweed - 13 Bucket of sand​
      • Mode
        • Bank: deposit from inventory​
        • Bankfillers: uses Deposit Inventory button (requires you to set-up your inventory
    • Charter merchants - Lunar spellbook
      • Methods
        • Buy resources: only buy resources and bank them. Usefull at Catherby and Port Phasmatys
        • Smelt molten glass using Superglass make spell​
        • Blow glass: after smelting blow glass to the highest available item you can craft​
      • Mode
        • Bank your items (if you're into that)​
        • Sell your items back to merchant for space​
    • Charter merchants - furnace at Port Phasmatys
      • Methods
        • Smelt molten glass at furnace​
        • Blow glass: after smelting blow glass to the highest available item you can craft​
      • Mode
        • Bank your items (if you're into that)​
        • Sell your items back to merchant for space​
    • Access to an up to 600k/h moneymaking method​
    • Ultimate/Hardcore/Regular ironman friendly​
    • More the 13 different methods to gather, cast or craft glass
      Insane performance glassblowing​
    • Avoid detection with advanced Player Sense integration without sacrificing performance.​
    • State-of-the-art compact Atlas UI design​
    • Accurately track your exact profit and exp as well as hourly rates with the new Flip trackers​
    • An all-you-need break solution with only 2 sliders.​
    • Runepouch support​
    • Much more...​
    • Have lunar spell book enabled when using lunar method.​
    • Manually setup bank and inventory when choosing the Bank filler option​
    • Have Escape-To Close interface enabled​
    • Go to a bank or charter of choice.​
    • Select location​
    • Select method​
    • Select mode​
    • Configure breaks​

    Features to be added:
    • Ability to disable pickup in 3 Giant Seaweed method​
    • Support for runes in rune pouch/different staffs (And subsequently 14/14 sea​

Recent Reviews

  1. HelloSenpaiFeed
    Version: 1.2.6
    works fine, quick banking and stuff. only wish I can see mouse clicks.
  2. stephen ruch
    stephen ruch
    Version: 1.2.5
    Everytime would open bank take out seaweed and sand and then just stand there and not close bank if I closed bank it worked but still stood there after opening bank. trash
  3. mulex
    Version: 1.2.5
    Used with bankstanding at 3:18 ratio. Best of the superglass scripts (others are super slow), but occasionally breaks when it accidentally banks astral runes. Doesn't know how to withdraw astrals
  4. Jay7275
    Version: 1.2.5
    Wish it worked better.. just stands there after buying stuff.
  5. ILoveTurtleSnacks
    Version: 1.2.3
    Was made on request, and the bot has seriously impressed me. Runs flawless for days, which have crafted my way to 95 crafting with only 400k gp loss(From level 5!)
    Good anti-bans and an exceptional bot, super easy to understand UI with nice graphics, and takes literally no time setting up.
  6. Porteliz67
    Version: 1.2.2
    After a while it deposits the Astral Runes by mistake. Then, not seeing the runes in the inventory, it stops, instead of taking out the runes. It also happens that the bot is paused completely. I do not know if it is intentional, but this gives me distrust to acquire the paid version
    Tyb51, please correct it, I like your bots
    1. tyb51
      Author's Response
      If this happens yous hould certainly post the log and issue on the forum. I pause it to prevent it from getting stuck and doing repeated actions. For the deposit issue, do you use bank fillers?
  7. TastyStrudel
    Version: 1.2.1
    It worked so well with vials, but since I started having it make fish bowls it gets stuck trying to sell it back to crewmember. it "right-clicks" and highlights trade but doesn't "click" trade. then auto-pauses and says it's stuck somewhere
    1. tyb51
      Author's Response
      Please post issues in the thread. Can't help you if you don't provide a log or say what the message was
  8. prioria
    Version: 1.2.1
    Seriously impressed with the bot & UI.
  9. ianbeale123
    Version: 1.2.1
    Sitting for at leasts 20mins trying to join 1750 total world. Surely this should have been the very first thing you would look at with a bot that does a lot of world switching. Wont use again until this resolved.
    1. tyb51
      Author's Response
      RM issue causing the bot to hop to a world with the population == to the requested world ID, it has been reported but not yet fixed
  10. Picklesfalyfe
    Version: 1.2.1
    Great program! I have a question and im not sure how to contact. I know the review is not the place to ask questions.