Atlas Motherlode Mine [PRO] 1.0.6

Inglorious nuggets

  1. tyb51
    Atlas Motherlode Mine
    Your way to prospector, Coal bag and mining exp
    • Support for upper and lower floors
    • 4 regions within lower floor
    • PlayerSense - Advanced user and character specific mining hotspots. The bots creates an average area of preference that is different for any user regardless of selected floor or region. This unique method will serve as the best anti-ban for this activity.
    • Support for Gem bag
    • Support for Coal bag
    • Support for Dragon pickaxe
    • Support for upgraded sack
    • PlayerSensed afk timer
    • Afk+ mode: up your afk game with an additional PlayerSensed afk mode
    • Easy to configure break timer
    • Enjoy easy bot configuring and tracking of exp, nuggets and money in the new Atlas Dynamic Ui
    UI guide
    1. Select upper or lower floor by clicking the floor button
    2. If selecting lower floor, choose which location you want to mine. (N: North, E: East, W: West (not recommended), SW: South West (recommended)
    3. Extras: Green = OFF, White = ON
      • Gem: Use of gem bag
      • Coal: Use of coal bag
      • Keep (diamond icon): keep gems you mine
      • Near: Do not use the custom player sensed algorithm choosing your personal mining area in favor of mining the classic Nearest vein.
    4. Breaking: Enable breaking by clicking the break button and opening that menu. Select interval and duration ranges by adjusting the interval sliders
    5. Intensity mode: The lower central orb can be clicked to switch from regular mode (which has player sensed built-in Afk intervals) to Afk+ mode (blue). Afk+ plus mode provide a more afk play style to simulate the low intensity nature of this mining activity
    6. Trackers: Hover the 3 other orbs to see total gained xp/nuggets/gold over the hourly rates

    How to configure OCCode Bot Management (Beta)

    Head to Dashboard If you're a new user, toggle the button at the bottom and enter a new email and password to sign up with.
    If you're an existing user, put in your log in credentials.
    Check out your new dashboard at Dashboard where you can view all of your live sessions, your past sessions, and other miscellaneous information.
    Go to setting to configure your account for runemate and wait for an automated private message on the runemate forums with your configuration key

Recent Reviews

  1. GGlennnn
    Version: 1.0.6
    bot mines good. but dont deposit the ores and even dont make the sack empty
    1. tyb51
      Author's Response
      Can you provide a bot log. It should work perfectly fine last time I tried. If it doesn't for for you I will gladly provide a fix if you can provide me more information on the issue.
  2. Enrique Cervantes
    Enrique Cervantes
    Version: 1.0.5
    shitty ass bot super bot like movements and lots of misclicks wont recommend at all waste of money
  3. mitusumi
    Version: 1.0.5
    6 hours of use, 2 hours of which was a break and now im banned nice little waste of a bond thanks
  4. TheyCallMeSalt
    Version: 1.0.5
    At first it wouldn't mine Rockfall and would get stuck out the gate, so I started babying it. Then it stopped rotating the camera, constantly getting my character stuck on rockfall that was just out of view. In between all this, the banking works fine until it returns to the bag after the first withdrawal, where it is 1 block off the click position and will not retrieve anything from the bag. By correcting this and clicking the bag, sometimes the bot will freeze completely and will require a restart. I want to love your bot, and the UI is really nice, but she seriously needs some tweaking.
  5. GnarGadda
    Version: 1.0.5
    Can confirm, previous claims of this script getting stuck and getting people banned is true. Used this bot once and no others and just got a 2 days macro ban.
  6. zerkers inc
    zerkers inc
    Version: 1.0.5
    not a good bot. after the full invy it just stood there for hours trying to mine again. what a waste of time and money,
  7. kuhwasy
    Version: 1.0.5
    it does work, but it also gets stuck all over. problems at the hopper also when depositing and then trying to get more and putting more in and just clicking the hopper over and over again. this bot does have to be watched it gets stuck a lot. ran for about 4 hrs and I had to fix manually about 5-8 times. For a bot that has to be paid to run should have no flaws and this one does. This bot needs another update and all bugs fixed before I use it again. After all bugs fixed and runs with no flaws I will pay 0.08/hr idc. and give it a 5 star rating. As of right now this bot is a 2 star and should be free until all flaws/bugs are fixed.
  8. Alex Rida
    Alex Rida
    Version: 1.0.5
    Amazing script. I recommend :)
  9. skillin_99x
    Version: 1.0.5
    Constantly freezes and doesn't move.. gets stuck next to the bag where you collect. cant click on the bank sometimes when its pathing from the bag. you cant stop it and start another instance because you get charged again.. wouldn't recommend unless your going to babysit the entire time
  10. zamboli
    Version: 1.0.5
    There are a couple of minor issues that lead to it getting stuck, so I suggest lightly babysitting (check in every 45-60mins). The issues do not cause unusual behavior, just standing still until fixed manually.

    Otherwise, this bot is absolutely fantastic. Definitely suggest to anyone MLMing. Props to tyb51.