Atlas Store Runner [NOW FREE] 1.3.0

Does your daily runs

  1. tyb51
    Atlas Shop Runner
    Atlas is back with another great bot. This time with a barely noticable pricetag of 0,02 cents.

    New in update 1.2.0:
    - Buys feathers in miscellania and etceteria (requires quest)
    - Buy yak hides in jatizsot (requires quest)
    NOTE: don't forget to add the yak hides in the inventory list

    New in update 1.1.0:
    - Added wilderness bandit camp

    The bot can do following activities:
    • Buy runes from squire
    • Buy runes from magic guild
    • Buy runes from Mage of Zamorrak (will bank stuff before)
    • Buy feathers in Port Sarim
    • Buy feathers in Relleka (Quest req)
    • Buy feathers in Lumbridge
    • Buy feathers at Shantay pass
    • Buy feathers in miscellania (requires quest)
    • Buy feathers in etceteria (requires quest)
    • Buy feathers in O'oglog
    • Buy meats in O'oglog
    • Buy yak hides in jatizsot (requires quest)
    • Buy slayer stuff from Turael (Slayer gem, Insulated boots, BROAD arrowheads)
    • Buy slayer stuff from Mazchna
    • Do your daily divine locations in burthrope
    • Collect and craft Potion flasks (UNTESTED)
    • Buy pineapples and see weed in Caterby
    • Bandit camp: duty free merchant (broads, gold leafs, algarum, marble blocks,...)
    To configure the bot:
    - Select activities in order you want them
    - Select items you want to buy
    - Select divine locations you want to wait for to spawn
    - Do not put wilderness tasks last!!!!!

    - Cannot add priff things (don't have the quest)
    - Cannot add misc feathers (don't have the quest)
    - Cannot add lunar isle shop (don't have the quest)
    - If you want shops, activities, items added to the bot -> specify in thread

Recent Reviews

  1. garciabadass
    Version: 1.3.0
    Walks too slows, sometimes keeps 30 seconds without moving
  2. Bambina
    Version: 1.3.0
    Very nice bot. Moves slowly at times but It does what It's supposed to do.
    1. tyb51
      Author's Response
      Ty for the review, good to know it is still working. I might add new stuff to it eventually. Just a bit busy right now
  3. TipstyTyphoon
    Version: 1.3.0
    The bot seems to get stuck when going to Baba Yaga's house. Once it gets into the house, it just idles. Otherwise, everything else seems to work other than the fact if you already bought stuff before botting, then it will miss some shops.
  4. Coreylehman1
    Version: 1.3.0
    Love this bot, wondering if you could possibly add mage arena caves for rune runs eventually. Great other than that!
  5. Chizz
    Version: 1.2.0
    Love the script, but have made reported within the client how many times it's crashed at yak hides trying to close the bank. Have had to run the script multiple times because of this sadly.
    1. tyb51
      Author's Response
      Thank you for liking it. You have only reported this error once in your crash reports tho. The other report i got from crashes where 19 days ago with no specifications. Please use the forum discussion to post the error so I can fix it. Crash reports are very unspecific and i cannot see who sends them (so i cannot contact you)