AuxiAraxxor 1.0.8

Becoming an Araxyte is easy!

  1. auxi
    Video of a full kill: 6c6cg178fj.mp4 - Streamable

    Caution! If your PC is on the slower end, there's a good chance the bot will not run up to par and get you killed. And I strongly recommend not using this on a hardcore ironman under any circumstances.

    Profit per hour ranges from 8m to a maximum of 20m/h depending on stats and gear and whether you are using an aura, hence the price of 0.50c per hour.

    Before running the bot:

    - Set your mouse multiplier HIGH in the RuneMate client preferences. This is a must if you want the bot to dodge all cleaves for example!

    - Check which paths are open. If you choose a path which is not currently open, the bot will do nothing and die!

    - It is highly recommended to keybind your actionbar slots, however it is not a requirement, but it will make things go smoother for you if it doesn't need to click the slots.

    - Please refer to the screenshot below about how your preset should look like (if you do not use auto item setup)

    - HIGHLY recommended to allocate more memory to the RS3 client, you can do that by following this guide: Allocate more RAM to the Java Client

    Recommended stats:

    - 90+ ranged (for T90 weapons)
    - 80+ defence (for at least T80 armor)
    - 44+ prayer (for the ranged boosting prayers)
    - 67+ summoning (for a Tortoise BoB)


    - Kills Araxxi as smooth as a bot can, supporting both ranged and melee
    - Supports all paths
    - Option to reset enrage when you hit a certain threshold
    - Option to setup your actionbars (which is strongly recommended!)
    - Option to setup your inventory automatically (not recommended, but is there if you don't know what to use)

    If you are using a preset, which I recommend as you can just choose everything you want to use yourself, it should look something like this:


    1) Supports Ring of vigour
    2) Recommended to have in your preset to renew BoB
    3) Arrow switching support. If you start with Blackstone arrows, it will switch to Araxyte arrows when it no longer detects arrows in your quiver.
    4) Planted feet support (Only supports it on Glaive, Dark bow or Sunspear)
    5) Enhanced excalibur support for extra healing.

    Required items are:

    Brews, restores, overloads, food and a pouch for your BoB. The rest is optional!

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Recent Reviews

  1. Maclicous
    Version: 1.0.8
    This bot is a work in progress, but I've never seen such an advanced bot throughout my time on runemate.

    It handles the cleaves, also dodges Araxxi on topmost path.
    On my computer, its most consistent on the middle path. Good at prayer switching. the best time I've gotten is 6 minutes on 120 enrage.

    It also supports switching to dark bow to use defensive abilities (not consistent though)

    - Maxed

    - T80 Pernix
    - T90 Nox Bow
    - Max cape


    Some hick-ups, but the author is proactive and implements fixes.
  2. tipped
    Version: 1.0.8
    Superb bot.
    So many features and supports so many little things.
    Uses melee or range, uses replenishment/adren pots, switches to LOTD at the end of kill, can set up your action bars for you to suit, will recharge certain gear, will reset enrage at customs amounts. Did 40 kills with 2 deaths overnight and the deaths were from my pc being slow.
    If you have a maxed account with moderate gear this is without a doubt the best bot there has ever been for money making.
  3. Derk
    Version: 1.0.5
    Excellent bot very user friendly and big money
  4. atoecha
    Version: 1.0.4
    If I had to describe this bot in one word it would be amazing,
    it runs araxxi flawless (most of the time :P) and makes sure u get high enraged kill (my highest being 220%) .
    for me it averages about 6 to 7 kills an hour but i don't have the best gear so could be more for some or less.
    in the 4 to 5 hours I ran, it gave me 3 pheromones 2 leg pieces and 1 top (besides other loot avg 500k) .
    so if u are looking for an rs3 bot that kills a boss with good loot and with great support I would not hesitate to buy this.
    The creator work activily on this bot and the support is amazing 10/10.
    I give it a 9.5/10 great bot for every rs3 bosser who needs some money.