Awesome Slayer Beta 0.0.014b

Be eternally grateful ;)

  1. awesome123man
    This bot is a bit complicated to use...

    -This bot relies heavily on using Fairy Rings (So make sure your inventory setups have a dramen staff in them).
    -The bot will fill up the inventory whenever you are not in the task area to fight. So when it has say, a food item set to quantity of 10 it will restock if out of the area.

    -Set the items to use to kill the slayer task.
    -The bot will automatically take items that are required for a task (such as an anti-dragon shield, and other slayer monster items), so you don't have to set the shield to be anything special. (It will handle it for you).

    Set your quick prayer which the bot will use to (tick) pray. This is currently the only supported method, but more will be added in future updates. (If you are using prayer, please have at least one prayer restoring potion in your inventory setup.)

    When you are getting tasks from someone other than Konar, you will want to select the monster, or check the box to select the nearest monster.

    Slayer Masters
    -Konar is the most supported
    -Duradel (Pathing out of Shilo is currently broken).

    -The bot currently can use a few teleports besides just fairy rings.
    -Gnome gliders/Fairy rings/Spirit trees
    -If you are doing Konar and get a task to do say, Fire giants in the Waterfall dungeon, make your Equipment or Inventory setup have a Games necklace and it will use the Barbarian Outpost teleport. (Also has the Burthorpe teleport).

    -This is the most important part of the bot.
    -There is every supported monster in here, and when the bot detects a task, it will look for your Equipment, Inventory, and Prayers for that task in this tab. Please set these for each task you want it to do (If you don't it will stop the bot after 100s)
    -If you select a prayer that uses the wrong protection prayer for the monster the prayer box will show red

    While setting things up, you can pause the bot to set your stuff up :)

    Will probably release a video of how to set it up properly soon :)
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