Awesome Slayer 1.0.08

Be eternally grateful ;)

  1. awesome123man
    This bot is a bit complicated to use...

    -This bot relies heavily on using Fairy Rings (So make sure your inventory setups have a dramen staff in them).
    -The bot will fill up the inventory whenever you are not in the task area to fight. So when it has say, a food item set to quantity of 10 it will restock if out of the area.

    -Set the items to use to kill the slayer task.
    -The bot will automatically take items that are required for a task (such as an anti-dragon shield, and other slayer monster items), so you don't have to set the shield to be anything special. (It will handle it for you).

    Set your quick prayer which the bot will use to (tick) pray. This is currently the only supported method, but more will be added in future updates. (If you are using prayer, please have at least one prayer restoring potion in your inventory setup.)

    When you are getting tasks from someone other than Konar, you will want to select the monster, or check the box to select the nearest monster.

    Slayer Masters
    -Konar is the most supported
    -Duradel (Pathing out of Shilo is currently broken).

    -The bot currently can use a few teleports besides just fairy rings.
    -Gnome gliders/Fairy rings/Spirit trees
    -If you are doing Konar and get a task to do say, Fire giants in the Waterfall dungeon, make your Equipment or Inventory setup have a Games necklace and it will use the Barbarian Outpost teleport. (Also has the Burthorpe teleport).

    -This is the most important part of the bot.
    -There is every supported monster in here, and when the bot detects a task, it will look for your Equipment, Inventory, and Prayers for that task in this tab. Please set these for each task you want it to do (If you don't it will stop the bot after 100s)
    -If you select a prayer that uses the wrong protection prayer for the monster the prayer box will show red

    While setting things up, you can pause the bot to set your stuff up :)

    Will probably release a video of how to set it up properly soon :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Haunter
    Version: 1.0.08
  2. Roflz
    Version: 1.0.05
    The bot is awesome just like the name, theres a few bugs but it mostly works really well.

    A few suggestions/bits of feedback.. It'd be great if it could support using a cannon, high alching drops, or using potions. And a few bugs I noticed, it seems to get stuck at the fairy rings a lot (gets stuck when picking/entering the teleport code), and the tick-pray doesn't seem to work, atleast when I check the box it just prays normal.

    Overall great bot! Thank you so much!
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Alching is enabled by default and alchs certain items. You need to have the runes in your inventory setup for it to work. I'll need to fix the other issues you mentioned.
  3. anthony bargallo
    anthony bargallo
    Version: 1.0.05
    seriously might be the best bot on this website. its not that hard to set up and you're changing spots so frequently i feel like it isnt easily detected. so far so good ill change review if things go bad but at 4-6 hours a day doing a skill like slayer ill probably be good.
  4. djmargus
    Version: 1.0.04
    withdrawing food isnt working....
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      How did you setup the food? If you have it in your inventory setup it should...
  5. Pappis
    Version: 0.0.035b
    Pretty insane for a slayer script. The setup is very simple once you get it down once, make sure to save at the end of doing all ur settings. You gotta set it up different for every monster.

    Gets stuck at withchaven dungeon when it has to refill food, but I did not even know it was supposed to refill food
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the nice review. Can you join my discord and send me the logs so I can figure out how it got stuck?
  6. PWNography
    Version: 0.0.034b
    Best slayer script so far that I've used, including paid for scripts! Only problem I've had with it is using prayer, it doesn't flick and after every mob it turns prayer off
  7. Nakkri
    Version: 0.0.024b
    Looks very intressting, Would love to try when i see a video how to setup it prop!
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      I will release a video soon. Been busy adding things to the bot.
  8. Tron2020
    Version: 0.0.019b
    Been using it for about three days now, working really well cant wait for future updates. This bot makes me not wanna kill myself doing slayer tasks and collecting points.
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      Surprised you got it working. It's hard to setup
  9. DanishTUTGamer
    Version: 0.0.014b
    I normally dont rate or use bots without ratings. But this is totally different. I really needed something like this.
    I recommend giving it a shot but you gotta consider a few things before.
    Setting up the bot is Hard but once you learn it, its very simple. Since there no guide is i would recommend getting in touch with the bot author in discord. Very Nice Guy only here to help people for free.
    Of course there are a few bugs but nothing is perfect in beta stage. But by using it and giving feedback we can make it more stable. Im really looking forward because this will be great!
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      :P Thanks for the assistance with making the bot better.