Barbarian outpost fisher 1.2.1

Fishes fish at barbarian outpost

  1. roboter
    Fishes fish at barbarian outpost. Use fishing bait or feathers. Set fish on actionbar for faster dropping.

Recent Reviews

  1. Nirvana619
    Version: 1.2.1
    poorly written, a ban waiting to happen. no anti ban features. too robotic and repetative
  2. Throwawayaccount
    Version: 1.2.1
    clicks on fishing spot every second, not enough anti-ban, got banned
  3. paulsniper19
    Version: 1.2.1
    It works fine...however, it moves to the west a few times to drop fish when it has a full inventory. Why would it do that? Also, when inventory is full, it clicks the fishing area one more time before realising that inventory is full. I see why my previous account was banned during fishing now lol. Fix it plz thanks.
  4. LeadFighter
    Version: 1.2.1
    One thing I find with the bot is that it constantly clicks the fishing spot every single second. The bot should click the spot....finish the inventory....drop fish and then click the spot again. If you could make that possible I would give this 5 stars.
  5. TheRealJJ
    Version: 1.2.0
    Great bot. Perform actions very well.

    - Unsure if anti-bans exist. Delays during clicks would be good start.
    - There problem of it sometimes clicking fish dropped and the loot window being opened just to get stuck.
    1. roboter
      Author's Response
      thanks for the review, ill add the two things you mentioned