CarbonSuperGlass 0.5.1

Super Glass Make for the Gains

  1. RyanTest
    Uses Super glass on buckets of sand and you choice of secondary!

    Start with fire runes and astrals in your inventory. If you want different combos allowed, request on forums.

    Feel free to lemme know if there are any issues.

    Next update will have a gui log.

    Theres also a charter ship buyer and a glass blower coming.

Recent Reviews

  1. Hidd3n1nthedark
    Version: 0.5.1
    Would definitely be better if it would withdraw correct amounts with giant seaweed for maximized profits. Smoke battlestaff or tome of fire support would be great as well.
  2. micr0oo
    Version: 0.5.1
    generally a good bot but the giant seaweed doesnt withdraw the right amount and just ends up wasting them on the ground when the glass is made
  3. SarahMD
    Version: 0.5.1
    Dank bot. Doesn't mess up and its fast. Would be great if it can support smoke battlestaff or tome of fire to increase profit a little