Celestial FDK 1.0.4

Stay frosty!

  1. Derk
    Celestial FDK

    Initial release of the FDK bot, which ideally will work perfectly, but that's next to impossible. I hope you guys find all the bugs, so I can one day apply for premium.

    The bot has been tested on Legacy combat settings, but without the Legacy interface (this is mainly because quickprayer activating doesn't work on Legacy interfaces).

    1. Magic notepaper
    2. Winter storage banking
    3. Beast of burden
    4. (Quick) prayer
    5. Antifire support
    6. Soulsplit flicking
    7. Food
    8. Emergency teleporting
    If you have any requests in terms of functionality, post them on the discussion thread. The same goes for bugs, of course.

    I am not responsible for any losses. Your account MAY die. Death's office handler doesn't work for now, so pay attention. However, the bot does use emergency teleport if health falls below a certain percentage you can provide. From personal experience speaking, I haven't died once in my testing phases.

Recent Reviews

  1. xXSlykidXx
    Version: 1.0.4
    Bot still needs some minor adjustments, but it still functions in an appropriate manner.