Celestial Fisher 4.6.3

T-fish-iently bot all day!

  1. Savior
    • Multiple locations (see below)
    • Both game versions
    • Banking support
      • Karamja: Stiles in RS3, Port Sarim depositbox in OSRS
      • If banking is available, it will use the location's bank or depositbox
      • You can select to drop all other fish, for example if you select to fish swordfish, it will drop all tuna
    • Powerfishing:
      • Eoc: Recognizes if fish is in ability bar (must be activatable with a key). Hit "Change setup" when you happen to change your actionbar setup.
      • Legacy/OSRS: Drops in most efficient order (auto detects columns when starting logged in)
      • F1D1 (Fish 1 Drop 1): Drops fish once caught, only works if using actionbar dropping
    • Stops if the player runs out of bait/feathers
      • Though, if banking is enabled, it will look for some in bank before stopping and will withdraw 300 at a time
    • Urn support
      • Withdraws 2 urns if banking
      • Withdraws started/filled urns first to prevent failing
      • If powerfishing, you can bring as many urns as you want, it is recommended to use the F1D1 method in this case
    • Summoning support
      • Uses summoning potions/flasks to refill points
      • Will bank and withdraw pouch to summon if your familiar runs out of time
      • When powerfishing, bring a few pouches and potions
    • Signs of the porter support
      • Will automatically equip new porters
      • If banking (full bank acces required), the bot will withdraw several new signs (kinda useless though)
    • Anti-pattern
      • The Celestial Anti-pattern Suite
      • With every user, minor values like missclick chances, spamrate (when dropping with actionbar) or when to renew the familiar will vary, preventing the bot from generating a pattern
      • Breaking system, automatically scheduled and behaves differently for every user

    • When out of urns/pouches/signs, the bot will continue fishing without them.
    • When dying in the LRC it will logout and stop.
    • The bot will not drop/bank any items unless it is fish
    • If there is a bank you can withdraw from, the bot will withdraw the necessary tool and new bait if there is none in inventory (only when banking is selected)
    • Power saving mode will distort the accuracy of tracked statistics

    • Fishing guild: Any harpoon, cage and net fishing
    • Prifddinas: Fastest fishing xp in the game, ignores events for now
    • Living Rock Caverns: Cavefish and Rocktail fishing, ignores monsters for now
    • Piscatoris Fishing Colony: Only resource of monkfish
    • Baxtorian Falls: Barbarian fishing, powerfishing only
    • Miscellania: Stops after you get 100% approval rating
    • Burgh de Rott: Many shark fishing spots
    • Lumbridge: Bait and Fly fishing, banks at combat tutorial (RS3)
    • Draynor: Net and bait fishing
    • Karamja: Cage and harpoon fishing, if banking is activated it will walk to Stiles and exchange fish to notes (RS3)
    • Barbarian village: Fly fishing, can bank at Edgeville
    • Catherby: Most fishing options available
    • Burthope: Crayfish fishing for fresh accounts (RS3)
    • Custom: You can use this if you want to powerfish at a not supported location

    How to use:
    1. Select the location you want to fish in
    2. Select any of the fish to gather
    3. Select if whether the bot shall bank or drop your fish for more xp
    4. If on RS3, you can additionally choose a fishing urn, a familiar to summon, and a sign of porter to equip

Recent Reviews

  1. magiphysical
    Version: 4.6.3
    I've only used this for lobster on Karamja, where it worked perfectly every time but since the update it won't start at all anymore.
  2. zeppelin612
    Version: 4.6.3
    Works well except for barbarian fishing does not work. "Gets stuck on Status", this may be because i am below 70 fishing and trying to fish for tuna. I will check back on this when I am there.
  3. MaxBot
    Version: 4.6.3
    Worked good for 2 weeks and now it doesn't work at all. It starts the bot but the timer doesnt go down and the bot just sits there.
  4. down stream
    down stream
    Version: 4.6.3
    Quality Prif Waterfall fishing! Runs smoothly 8+ hours each time.
  5. joshyd123
    Version: 4.6.3
    I'm giving it a 3 because most bots that don't work will simply stand in place. This one runs back in forth between fishing spots without catching anything.
  6. Articuz
    Version: 4.6.3
    Best bot for karmja, fully supporting!
  7. corey miller
    corey miller
    Version: 4.6.3
    very slow and does not bank
  8. The Professor
    The Professor
    Version: 4.6.3
    one major bug at fishing guild it will walk behind the shake after 1500 fish caught.
  9. Australia
    Version: 4.6.3
    Everything is smooth with this bot love it Congratulation dude seriously just started using it on my main no issues experienced.
  10. duckyownage1
    Version: 4.6.3
    fixed my own problem but cant reply to it so making a new one . i fixed the problem with it not going into the bank by taking roofs off all the time and it works perfectly so far im at barbarian village and it hasnt studdered once so far for about 3 hours