Celestial Fisher 4.8.1

Efishently bot all day!

  1. Savior
    • Banking support
      • You can select to drop all other fish. For example if you select to fish swordfish, it will drop all tuna.
    • Powerfishing/Dropping:
      • Eoc: Recognizes if fish is in ability bar (must be activatable with a key). Hit "Change setup" when you happen to change your actionbar setup.
      • Legacy/OSRS: Drops in an efficient by-column order
      • F1D1 (Fish 1 Drop 1) drops fish once caught, only works well if using actionbar dropping
    • Full urn and perfect juju potion/flask support to boost your experience
    • Full summoning support
      • Uses summoning potions/flasks to refill points
    • Full signs of the porter support
      • Will automatically equip new porters
    • Withdrawing more resources from bank
      • If the player runs out of resources (bait, familiar pouches, urns, and juju potions), it will grab new ones from the bank once they are needed.

    • When no more urns/pouches/signs/juju potions are found in the bank, the bot will continue fishing without them.
    • The bot will not drop/bank any items unless it is fish

    • Prifddinas Waterfall
      • One of the best fishing locations for experience
      • Can handle the obstacles, but start the bot in the waterfall area
    • Living Rock Caverns
      • Excellent money on the side
      • Option to kill attacking opponents or running fleeing from combat
    • Baxtorian Falls
      • Best experience rates on OSRS
    • Waiko and Whale's Maw (The Arc)
      • Earn easy chimes while training fishing
    • Piscarilius (Zeah)
      • Only resource of anglerfish, good money for high fishing levels
    • Miscellania
      • Let the bot take care of your approval rating, it will stop once it reached 100%
    • Karamja
      • If banking is selected, the fish will be noted at Stiles on RS3, or deposited in Port Sarim on OSRS.
    • Fishing Guild, Piscatoris Fishing Colony, Burgh de Rott and many more are supported
    • Should the bot not support the location you want to fish in, either post a request in the supoprt thread, or select the "Current Position" location in order to powerfish at your position.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Who is Zerk
    Who is Zerk
    Version: 4.8.1
    Good bot overall, the dropping is way too slow for powerfishing unforunately.
    1. Savior
      Author's Response
      If you're talking about OSRS, the slow dropping is caused by the mouse movement of runemate, which is (hopefully) getting fixed at some point
  2. Party
    Version: 4.8.1
    Got me level 3 fishing in only a few minutes!
  3. NobleFrenzy
    Version: 4.7.1
  4. dilldoughnut
    Version: 4.7
    Good quality bot, but just today it stopped working. Overall amazing bot, havent got banned yet and I went from 1-75 doing 4-8 hours a day.
  5. Razzu
    Version: 4.7

    Works, but doesnt bank at Catherby, and it goes to the far bank, while theres one on the east side of the fishing spot. Fix plz?
  6. The Professor
    The Professor
    Version: 4.6.3
    i know its a good bot " but it broke after recent update" still 5star just cause i know it worked well :)
  7. magiphysical
    Version: 4.6.3
    I've only used this for lobster on Karamja, where it worked perfectly every time but since the update it won't start at all anymore.
  8. zeppelin612
    Version: 4.6.3
    Works well except for barbarian fishing does not work. "Gets stuck on Status", this may be because i am below 70 fishing and trying to fish for tuna. I will check back on this when I am there.
  9. down stream
    down stream
    Version: 4.6.3
    Quality Prif Waterfall fishing! Runs smoothly 8+ hours each time.
  10. joshyd123
    Version: 4.6.3
    I'm giving it a 3 because most bots that don't work will simply stand in place. This one runs back in forth between fishing spots without catching anything.