Celestial Rorarii 1.0.1

Gimme some keys!

  1. Derk
    Kills rorarii for you, with plenty features packed in the bot!

    The bot has the following features:

    • Using Invention
      • Disassembles adamant, mithril and runite items dropped by rorarii
      • Make sure you have the spellbook open with the spell visible
      • Keep some inventory slots open to loot the items (like 3 or 4 is enough)
    • Using prayer
      • Uses quickprayer, so you can set any prayer you want
      • It flicks prayer, so when you're at almost full health it will disable quickprayer
      • Flicking works for both anti-magic as soulsplit
      • You can choose out of a variety of prayer potions, if you need other prayer potions, request them on the thread!
    • Using food
      • You can choose to use food to heal (can also be combined with prayer)
      • Different types of food available including monkfish and sharks
    • Banking
      • Banking is done with presets
      • Fill your presets with the items you want
      • You can bring various other items such as gold acumulator, charming imp and other various interesting tools
      • Pick the preset number you want to use in the UI
    • Abilities
      • Uses bombardment and death's swiftness
      • Put those abilities anywhere but the last 2 slots (those are broken)
      • If you want more abilities supported, request them on the thread!
    • Notepaper
      • You can choose to use magic notepaper to note your keys
      • Put them in your bank preset
      • It will only note keys, nothing else

Recent Updates

  1. Celestial Rorarii v1.0.1 Released!