Chief Bird Houses 1.5

Who let the birds out?

  1. Chieftain
    Does the bird house hunting method, for hunting and crafting experience, as well as profit.

    The bot, will also search, crush and bank bird nests, it obtains.

    If you using the castle wars banking method:
    • Your account has Level-3 enchanted a Ruby necklace at least once.
    • Seeds (birdhouse compatible, I recommend plenty jute seeds)
    • Hammer
    • Pestle and mortar
    • Chisel
    • Relevant logs ( if you intend on crafting the houses)
    • Clockworks (if you intend on crafting the houses)
    If you using the castle wars banking method:
    • Plenty Ring of duelling's
    • Plenty digsite pendants or Ruby necklaces.
    • Fire staff and cosmic runes for Level-3 enchant, or Level-3 enchant tablets.
    You can start anywhere, if you have a Ring of duelling, or you must start at Castle Wars bank. (Castle wars banking method)


    Start on Fossil island or anywhere if you have the digsite pendant (Fossil island banking method).

    I strongly suggest that you use a OSRS hunting calculator to figure out how many bird houses you need to reach your goal, and then just stock up on crafted bird houses (progressive), instead of having the bot craft houses.

    If you have sufficient resources, you should be able to run the bot indefinitely with no problems, and breaks are unnecessary, because the bot only logs on to do the runs, and logs out, until they can be collected.

    If you find any bugs or have any feedback, please don't hesitate to contact me. (ideally on discord for faster replies)

    In the future, I may also implement loot tracking, when I have free time, and if there is a high demand for it.

    Happy botting.
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