Chop 'n Shaft 0.90

Jaa kweenie

  1. Devphreak
    Chops trees and cuts them into shafts

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  1. Chop 'n Shaft v0.90 Released!

Recent Reviews

  1. davetherooferpotter
    Version: 0.90
    great make about 150k h with willow
  2. TBR96
    Version: 0.90
    works awesome... with maples, but willows on the other hand, it just sits at one tree and waits for it to respawn instead of moving on to another tree. other than that the bot works great!
  3. Andrew Givens
    Andrew Givens
    Version: 0.90
    Works wonderfully! Except when I switched to do Oak trees, my character doesn't move trees. It simply waits for the tree it's at to respawn. It didn't have this issue when I was at regular Trees.

    Fixing this would help keep people from getting banned. I'm sure it will be an obvious bot if you're sitting at one tree for hours.
  4. catalyst.256
    Version: 0.90
    It's a pretty good script. It works, but it should have more camera movements and anti-ban stuff. And for some reason I only stay at one tree.
  5. knight6690
    Version: 0.90
    does what it's supposed to do with just a second of set up. You need to chop down a log and fletch it into shafts 1 time before the bot will always do it. I personally would love it to also turn the shafts into feathered shafts if you have feathers in your inventory but this is a good 2nd.
  6. loccing
    Version: 0.90
    Does what it's supposed to do. Other folks are experiencing trouble because they did not pre-select arrow shaft as an option. The bot just selects the 'fletch' button on the pop up window where you select what to fletch.
  7. bouit
    Version: 0.90
    Does what it is suppose to do except making the actual shafts. It makes short bows instead.

    I will change my rating to a 5 once it's fixed ^_^
    Otherwise great bot
  8. XJustinianX
    Version: 0.90
    its amazing for chopping trees. But it doesnt make the arrow shafts. Instead it makes Shortbows. Please fix