ChopNShaft 2.0

Cuts logs and makes them into Shafts

  1. Grumble


    This is the official thread for my first script bot called "Chop'n'Shaft"

    The script bot is simply based on chopping normal logs and cutting them into arrow shafts.
    You can chop the logs wherever trees exist in RuneScape 3.Very usefull for new account to bot on ;)

    Supports; Normal trees,Evergreen & Dead Tree

    Please if you use it,post a proggie below.Also if you found a error/mistake.



    1.3 Fixed some problems (camera,interaction,etc.)
    1.4 Fixed major issue with interaction buttons
    1.5 Added Dead Trees
    1.6 Added Evergreen trees upon request
    1.7 Added walking(was buggy)
    1.8 Added minimap walking if tree is not in certain distance
    1.9 Fixed some bugs
    2.0 Fixed some interacting.