ContractSlayer 2.02

Your one-stop contract completion solution!

  1. Aria

    Initial release

    Fixed the slayer contract selection bug.
    Loading item prices is now ran on a separate thread.
    Some items have been added to the suggested items list.
    Some items (triskelion keys) will now be looted by default. Champion scrolls aren't on the default loot list, so make sure to look up the ids for those.
    The bot will now correctly do Infernal Mage assignments.

    Added High Alchemy for public use after extensive testing to ensure it won't accidentally alch items.
    Added more looting options (loot all noted and stackable items, don't loot certain items.
    Bug fixes:
    Banshee and crawling hands should be working now.
    Getting a new task should be working now.
    The bot will now do special slayer contracts. After completing a special slayer contract for a monster, it will continue to do regular contracts for the selected monster.

    Fixed bot getting stuck at contract end.
    Bot now uses item names instead of item ids. Item names must be case sensitive.
    You may now load the entire inventory automatically. Withdraw the items you want to use before starting the bot, and then click the "Load Inventory" button.
    Gem bag support has been added. Only the regular gem bag is supported.
    Option to turn off quick prayer (for soul split flashing) above x health. If you don't want to turn prayer off, leave that text field blank.
    Redeeming exp books has been added.
    The option to automatically scatter infernal ashes has been added.
    The bot will now prioritize monsters that are already attacking us when deciding its next target.

    Updated bot.
    Some features were removed since I felt they weren't needed.


    Banks at Canifis/Falador
    Uses Kharyll/Falador teleport spell/teleport tabs to make banking faster
    Quick prayer support
    Potion and Food support
    Alchemy support
    Automatically loots items worth over a user-specified amount

    Supports killing monsters on the first three levels of the Slayer Tower
    Supports claiming rewards from Markus after completing a task


    Access to the Morytania region
    Canifis lodestone unlocked
    Finishing Blows ability if you're killing Gargoyles


    Start the bot when in-game.
    Have your desired inventory in preset 1.

    If you're using EOC have your abilities arranged in increasing priority in the first 10 slots from the left (ultimates and thresholds on the left, basic abilities on the right)

Recent Reviews

  1. BadAdvice
    Version: 2.02
    i get .NullPointerException thrown! every time i start bot
  2. Qliver
    Version: 2.01
    Meh... the bot wont eat any food....
  3. bambideer
    Version: 2.0
    the high alch does not work. other is good
    1. Aria
      Author's Response
      You should have high alch on your action bar, and it's also recommended to use EOC interface mode