Cuppa AgilityPyramid 1.2.29

Collecting you lots of shiny yellow triangles.

  1. CuppaJava
    Traverses the agility pyramid and trades in tops. Start near the pyramid with food and waterskins. Optionally supports Humidify.

    • start next to the agility pyramid with waterskins (& food if applicable)
    • have at least 3 empty inventory slots, to collect Pyramid Tops
    • make sure you've talked to Simon at least once before (to complete the intro conversation to the pyramid)

    • Eats any food with the interaction "Eat" (also supports wines)
    • Humidify support
    • Stamina/Energy pot support (will use if in inv)
    • Customizable eat at health percentage range
    • Will eat at a random point within range, and will always eat immediately if below this range
    • Cashes in pyramid tops automatically every 1-3 completions
    • Intelligent and efficient movement
    • Uses the camera effectively
    • Automatically stops and logs out once out of waterskins or out of food and health is below the set percentage
    • Customizable break handler, to log out for a little while every X minutes
    • Customizable AFK handler, to idle the bot for a little while every few minutes

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Recent Reviews

  1. IronmanH
    Version: 1.2.27
    Great bot but it sometimes get stuck clicking waterskins and try's to use them on the cliff after trading in the pyramid top
    1. CuppaJava
      Author's Response
      You're totally right. There's an update in queue to fix this, should be released in the next couple days (hopefully)!
  2. cakemonsterdiablo
    Version: 1.2.27
    Love this bot and it works great, deserves five stars. Only thing i'd suggest, is to the have camera "swing" more naturally for every hard turn of the pyramid- to seem more human like. When I do the agility laps naturally, I turn the camera to fully see the next few obstacels. The bot does minor turns and clicks ahead through the Pyramid just knowing where to run to next in a way I would never do.
  3. s4ntander
    Version: 1.2.26
    i like it but it doesnt eat trout
  4. BradAllNight
    Version: 1.2.22
    Runs flawlessly. Been at it for about 3 hours a day for the last week and just got a giant squirrel pet. Still going strong, not a single hiccup.
    1. CuppaJava
      Author's Response
      <3 Grats on the squirrel :)
  5. anter
    Version: 1.2.22
    Works well but doesn't appear to drink energies.

    Also when run reaches 0 the bot stays on walk.
    1. CuppaJava
      Author's Response
      The bot is programmed to turn run back on when it either reaches a Sliding Block obstacle or when it reaches a certain threshold, around 50%ish I think (I forget exactly).

      If it isn't turning run back on/drinking energy pots for you, it's likely something on your end. I'd recommend clearing your osrs cache and trying again, as that usually fixes issues for people.
  6. amour
    Version: 1.1.6
    Please add logic to the sliding block if we're now paying for it. Kind of ridiculous I can go with 6 cakes legit on a 10hp and have them last 2 hrs @70 agil, meanwhile in 15 minutes script is already down to 3.
    1. CuppaJava
      Author's Response
      Update: the bot will now handle sliding block obstacle correctly. Please let me know if you have any other issues, cheers.
  7. TestingMate
    Version: 1.1.3
    I did promise to rate it 5 if it gets updated, can't remove old rating for some reason
  8. mayne
    Version: 1.1.3
    few bugs here and there but it's to be expected since this is new, but solid man, first review you ever done and you def deserve the 5* :D

    seems there is trouble turning in pyramid tops to Simon, but thats the only problem I've encountered
    1. CuppaJava
      Author's Response
      The bugs are probably due to the client needing to be updated. Currently there's a few bugs with the client after a game update, should be fixed soon though.

      Glad it's worked my for you overall though :)
  9. theroz
    Version: 1.1.3
    This bot is awesome, it runs very smoothly with very few hiccups. The random afk function makes it much comfortable to run in longer periods, and the randomness in decision of when to eat foods.

    There are only a few minor bugs that could lead to problems if you aren't careful and watch out for, at least the first few times and that's why i only give this a 4 star.

    while using the "move camera often" checkbox:
    The bot likes to rotate the camera such that it has to click on the obstacle hitboxes through walls. The bot likes the rotate camera function so much that it sometimes even likes to "trickshot aim" the obstacle hitboxes while rotating.

    as of 26.aug 2020 the bot should pick up the tops every time it run past the end and will stack up to 3 tops before delivering. If you are running the bot on a new account TALK TO THE ARCHEOLOGIST FIRST the bot doesn't go though the introduction dialogue. MAKE SURE TO HAVE 3 FREE INV SLOTS, the bot will attempt to pick up the top repeatedly until it manages to.

    With all these problems fixed, i would happily give it 5/5
    1. CuppaJava
      Author's Response
      These are all good points. I can fix the running out of inv space issue pretty easily so I'll fix that for sure.

      The talking to Simon first minor bug I'll fix the next time I have a fresh account with membership to test with. But I'll add a note to the bot description.

      Camera movement is a weird one, because it's largely handled by runemate's backend it really isn't an exact science that I can ensure it won't click through walls. That being said, I genuinely don't think camera movement matters that much, banrate wise, as when you repeat the pyramid over and over, you know the location of the obstacles roughly and legit players click through walls too.

      Anyway, thank you for the feedback, will add these to my list :)
  10. RSMasterMiner
    Version: 1.0.3
    Runs great! I had no issues with it; ran it for a few hours while watching it.