Cuppa BattlestaffBuyer 1.0.1

Get those battlestaffs banked!

  1. CuppaJava
    This bot is no longer being maintained. Use CuppaShopperAIO instead, as it has presets to buy from this shop and more.

    Buys battlestaffs from Lunar Isle and Wizard Guild in Yanille. Need Seal of passage equipped for Lunar Isle.

    • Lunar Isle: Partial completion of Lunar Diplomacy and a Seal of Passage Equipped
    • Wizard Guild: 66 Magic & Hand in the Sand quest completed

    • Run bot near Lunar Isle or Wizard Guild
    • Select what items you wish to buy
    • Save settings & start

    • Practical GUI
    • World hops
    • Can select what items to purchase
    • Can modify which items to purchase at any time
    • Will automatically stop when no more coins in inventory
    • Banks at deposit box, no need for PIN
    • Useful for ironmen (btw)

Recent Updates

  1. Cuppa BattlestaffBuyer v1.0.1 Released!