Cuppa FishingTrawler [Paid] 1.3.5

Seriously, who thought this would be fun?

  1. CuppaJava
    Plays the fishing trawler minigame to get the angler's outfit.

    To be clear, this version is identical to Cuppa FishingTrawler [FREE]. The FREE version of Cuppa FishingTrawler has no time limit and is identical.

    Think of the premium FishingTrawler as a small way to donate while using the bot

Recent Reviews

  1. Hit My Gong
    Hit My Gong
    Version: 1.2.36
    Love it. Love it.
    Only fucks up if you have reallly bad ping or something.

    Only suggestion UIM mode. so it just drops all fish and holds angler in or wears til full