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Cuppa Hunter AIO [LITE] 2.3.1

Let's try hunting some critters.

  1. CuppaJava
    The exact same bot as Cuppa HunterAIO, except free and limited to 1 hour of usage per week.

    For more info or unlimited usage please see Cuppa HunterAIO (premium).

Recent Reviews

  1. Idkidcanymore
    Version: 2.0.37
    Bots great. Would leave an instruction in the bot somewhere to bring 6 box traps when hunting black chins otherwise it will stop the bot. I did not realize and was having issues. Other than that works great in multiple spots.
  2. bagelbau
    Version: 2.0.35
    my only suggestion would be to add a logout if x # of players appear. Bot needs PK detection, but otherwise works flawlessly
  3. luckylock
    Version: 2.0.10
    works well at reds how ever i can not type i wish he added a way i could type
    1. CuppaJava
      Author's Response
      Just as a heads up, you can enable typing for any bot by (near the top of the bot) clicking "BLOCK INPUT" and then uncheck "Keyboard". (If it doesn't work try toggling it a couple of times, it can get stuck sometimes briefly).

      Alternatively, pausing the bot unblocks both the mouse & keyboard :)
  4. boxesunstacked
    Version: 1.1.50
    10/10 Thank you for giving us a lite version to test on. Suggestion: the ability to cut Kebbit spikes into bolts rather than dropping them on the floor. Remember to reset your cache if you're having issues getting the bot to follow through!