Cuppa SmitherAIO 1.0.14

For all your smithing needs.

  1. CuppaJava
    Smelt anything at multiple different anvils.

    How to use:
    • start the bot near the anvil to use
    • select desired options and click "Run"
    Supported Locations:
    • Varrock West Anvil (recommended)
    • Port Khazard Anvil
    Supported Items:
    • All bars into any item.
    • Includes all: Rune, Adamant, Mithril, Gold, Steel, Iron & Bronze
    • supports multiple locations and all items
    • human-like pathing, including pre-looking at the anvil and bank
    • plenty of failsafes to avoid getting stuck
    • intelligent item management to have the perfect amount every time
    • customizable break handler, to log out for a little while every X minutes
    • customizable AFK handler, to idle the bot for a little while every few minutes

    Looking for an ore smelter instead?
    Check out: Cuppa SmelterAIO!

Recent Reviews

  1. Slager
    Version: 1.0.12
    Bot still needs some work, camera rotations are easily detactable. Not what I'm used to expect from Cuppa.
    1. CuppaJava
      Author's Response
      I'll paste the same reply here that I left on your thread post:

      Runemate inherently includes very slight variations in camera movement, it's built into the client itself.

      That being said, when I run this type of bot on my main I personally turn off camera movement entirely. Just zoom out your camera in a way that both the anvil/furnace and bank is visible, and then turn off camera rotation. That's why all my bots have the option to disable camera movement, I personally don't use it. It's just for people who do want it.