Custom Web Maker 0.0.03

Gotta go somewhere?

  1. awesome123man
    Custom Web Maker
    This tool is designed to build custom Webs (.nav) for use with runemate's web pathing algorithm.

    • Map Area Button merges the current region with the one saved in the local bot directory.
    • Auto Map Area auto merges every 5-6 seconds.
    • Save As function to save a copy somewhere else.
    • Clear deletes the local copy for a fresh start.
    • Every time it builds the web, it generates an image both in the GUI and in the local directory. You can also right click the Image to copy it.

Recent Updates

  1. Custom Web Maker v0.0.03 Released!

Recent Reviews

  1. cakefan
    Version: 0.0.03
    Works flawlessly. Making bots that aren't confined to a small region stopped being a massive pain.
    1. awesome123man