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Dan 1.5t Teak Woodcutter Trial 1.1.4

Chopping teaks goes brrrr

  1. dahnae
    This bot gives the fastest woodcutting exp in the game by a large margin. Up to 220k xp/hr can be reached.

    How to use
    • Start on fossil island
    • You must have grown teaks in the hardwood farm patch (35+ farming required)
    • Must have 35+ woodcutting to chop teaks
    • Must have the required materials + skills for the selected tick manipulation method (select in UI)
    • Must have stamina potions
    • Must have built the fossil island bank to use the banking feature

    • Essentially tick-perfect for the maximum exp rates!
    • Drinks stamina potions to always be running
    • Recharges your infernal axe using dragon axes
    • Banks to get more stamina potions
    General Features
    • Customizable Break Handler
    • Customizable AFK handler
    • Automatic stopping after reaching an objective
    • Informative and Easy to use UI
    Proggies from an insane botter using this bot for 43 hours straight!


Recent Reviews

    Version: 1.1.1
    Just stands still by the trees and doesn't tick manipulate. Crystal 2h axe not supported
    1. dahnae
      Author's Response
      Please send me your logs if you want your issues to be resolved.
  2. Blackfire223
    Version: 1.0.6
    Not sure why nobody has dropped a review but this thing is awesome. Does everything it says and actually gets crazy xp/h. Fully recommend.