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Dan Drift Net Fisher Trial 1.0.13

Best combined Fishing+Hunter xp in game!

  1. dahnae
    This is the trial version of the premium bot.

    Fully automated drift net fishing on the fossil island underwater region. This bot is the best xp/hr when you need both fishing and hunter exp.

    If you have questions/requests, you can join my discord

    Requirements :
    • Bone Voyage quest for access to the fossil island
    • Flippers, Fishbowl helmet and Diving apparatus
    • Plenty of stamina/super energy potions in bank
    • Plenty of drift nets in bank
    • At least one of the supported tridents, such as Trident of the seas or Merfolk Trident
    • Start the bot in the underwater region or on the small island with a bank chest

    Features :
    • Intelligent algorithm to chase the fish shoals into the nets
    • Automatically set-up the nets
    • Automatically banks to pick-up run energy potions
    • Un-notes nets using Annette when underwater
    • Knows when to equip/un-equip trident
    • Keeps player weight low enough to always be swimming
    • Will withdraw noted nets from bank to restock Annette
    • Very efficient, using up to 110/hr drift nets if not banking fish, or up to 100/hr when banking fish. At level 70+, this translates to 110k/hr hunter and 82k/hr fishing xp
    • Everything is fully automated, except GE restocking. If your bank is full of supplies, you could in theory leave this bot running indefinitely

Recent Reviews

  1. Blackfire223
    Version: 1.0.11
    I have run this multiple times for the full time of the trial and have never had an issue. The xp gains are really nice and that is all I can ask for.
  2. LoafErikson
    Version: 1.0.10
    Bot ran flawlessly the entire time I used it. About 70k/hr hunter xp and about 62.5k/hr fishing in the 60's. Amazing script dude!
  3. dtalurking
    Version: 1.0.8
    Fishes, then will randomly stop and go to my bank for Numulite even though i am not banking and have permanent access and stop the bot. also forces the use of stamina potions
  4. Dogdogdogdog
    Version: 1.0.0
    Good bot, does exactly what it should do. Good fishing and hunter rates, no bugs so far. Had some trouble setting up due to certain items but Dan was very helpful in pm :)
    1. dahnae