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Dark Cooker TRIAL 2.06.01

Cook your fish, make some pies, or ferment wine!

  1. Dark sage
    1 Free hour per 3 Days

    Locations :
    - Rogues den (must start near the correct area)
    - Hosidius oven (can start anywhere on Kourend)
    - Al Kharid (can start anywhere in F2P)
    - Catherby (recommend starting closer to here then al kharid)
    - Fossil island camp (beta) (only supports walking from within the camp)
    - Myths guild (must start near bank or cook spot)
    - Zanaris (churning/dairy only)
    Food Support :
    - Meats
    - Seafood
    - Pastries
    - Dairy
    - Vegetable
    - Roasted (beta)
    - Drinks (wines)
    - Bot will auto shift our location if our cooked item requires a specific game object
    - Roasted items require fire
    - Baked items require a range/oven
    - Option to select multiple items
    - Option to add specific goals or until out of item
    - Any items that have other steps to make will display the supported steps to make it
    - Checking any of these supported steps, will apply same goal(s) and add them to queue (in order from first step to last step)
    - Uses the drop all items and pick up 1 by 1 method (nearly doubles standard cooking rates)
    - Will only use this method where it is viable
    - ideal location is at rogues den

    Dark Bots Discord

Recent Reviews

  1. OneTrick
    Version: 2.3.7
    Incredibly intuitive bot. Did all tasks I gave it without a single hiccup. Ran a 7 hour script with 4 cooking tasks and it did them all perfectly. Some actions are pretty slow but I'd rather it be slow than be bot like. Thanks for the great bot!
  2. pretendereyes
    Version: 2.1.0
    Dark Sage is super helpful and this bot works flawlessly on wines at any bank! Thanks again for the help and quick response!