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Dark Crafter TRIAL 2.04.00

Let's get some Crafting done!

  1. Dark sage
    Handles all your crafting needs

    Handles all your crafting needs

    - Jewelry
    - Gem cutting
    - Leather (leather, d'hide and snakeskin)
    - Glass blowing
    - Molten glass making
    - battlestaff

    Dark Bots Discord

Recent Reviews

  1. ArrancaRabo2
    Version: 2.04.00
    excellent bot, no issues whatsoever
  2. agilityosrs
    Version: 2.04.00
    does not work with gem cutting.
    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      what gem? are u using DI or not, are u near a bank?
  3. rupert619
    Version: 2.03.01
    worked great until recently now i cant get it to make jewelry but cuts gems great
  4. sototwlmlahdc
    Version: 2.2.4
    Some things seem to work better than others, sometimes it is a bit jumpy. Lots of options are great. Updated from 1 to 3, hopefully some tweaks and then I can update it to 5 :)
  5. ArrancaRabo
    Version: 1.0.1
    Another great Dark product. I'd recommend running on resizeable mode and ensuring furnace/bank are within 1 click to make it even more efficient
  6. Stickyyyy
    Version: 0.1.2
    Only tested with lantern lenses but works well, pretty hard to goof a bot like this.

    Did notice it didn't work at castle wars bank but works fine in ardy. Could be the same as the bank chest on the little bank island on fossil island
    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      I will address Bank chests in next update