Dark Herblore [Trial] 1.0.1

Dark Herblore

  1. Dark sage
    Make all those potions with ease

    1 FREE hour per 3 days

    Supports :
    - Herb Cleaning (able to clean all herbs)
    - Unf Potions (able to make all unf potions)
    - Potions (Supports all basic 2 ingredient potions)

    The bot has the ability to clean, make unf and make full potions if all ingredients are within bank. (ALL checkboxes MUST be clicked for clean to complete potion to work)

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Recent Reviews

  1. ziplock1738
    Version: 0.0.1
    It does what it's supposed to do, but I don't think its currently built for long term usage. There are a few things that it does that someone playing by hand most likely wouldn't.

    1) When the bot starts it selects two particular inventory spots and sticks with them the entire time. In other words if you are making potions it will select the 3rd unfinished potion and the 10th secondary ingredient every time. It would be nice if the bot selected a different potion and different ingredient randomly each time.

    2) The bot will always right click to withdraw. If the bot is on a preset of x=14 it should be able to just left click withdraw for both potion and ingredient, or vial of water and cleaned herb.
    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      Would be better suited under discussion, it is in beta for feedback and suggestions, Thank you for the feedback, both issues will be addressed in next update