Dark Pyramid Plunder 1.0.2

Pyramid Plunder

  1. Dark sage
    Does Pyramid Plunder for best xp/hr

    Pharaoh's Sceptre is supported

    Banking options :
    - Local banking (Requires completion of Contact! Quest)
    - Castle Wars (Have many Rings of dueling)

    Food support is fish only (more support will be added in future updates)

    Supports most antidote potions

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Recent Reviews

  1. Freakyboki92
    Version: 0.0.3

    Dos not bank( i have Contract quest compleet ) stands still and misclicks the ladder to go up.

    when finally entering room it thiefs a couple of urn's after that stands still doing nothing

    very slow walks to the pyramid

    overall dose not work.... ( also ive been charged 25 cents for half an hour?! )
    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      The discussion thread would be best place for this to be , not as a review. As for a refund post the log files within the discussion thread and a refund will be issued