Dark Quester Beta

Let's work towards the desired Quest Point Cape

  1. Dark sage
    Why do Quests when you don't have too?

    - Currently requires that you have all required quests items at quest start
    - Bank or inventory for items, just as long as you have them
    - This bot is under active development
    - Recommended to watch for pathing issues
    - (ALPHA) (BETA) are not tested and may not be stable

    Dark Bots Discord - More info of quester development and quests in progress

    ~ F2P ~
    - Cooks Assistant
    - Doric's Quest
    - Imp Catcher
    - Restless Ghost
    - Rune Mysteries
    - Witch's Potion
    - X Marks the Spot

    ~ P2P ~
    - Client of Kourend
    - Druid Ritual
    - Dwarf Cannon
    - Hazeel Cult
    - Monk's Friend
    - Murder Mystery
    - Tree Gnome Village
    - Waterfall Quest

Recent Reviews

  1. xmastome
    Version: 0.0.4
    Really good. However, need to keep an eye open to ensure everything is working properly. Great way to do the early quests!
  2. mayne
    Version: 0.0.3
    The future bot of questing. Still in beta, still in progress, still seeing quests being added. Once it gets running and going I can’t see a better quester than this. You can tell this developer has been working hard on progressing it. It’s the easiest 5* even though it’s not complete, and it won’t get you banned like the other ones. This bot is the future. Work together and send the logs if there’s bugs, and he delivers a fix in a reasonable amount of time.
  3. ArrancaRabo
    Version: 0.0.3
    Working great so far, just needs the banking but the pathing system is great, bot has been doing all seamlessly.