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Dark Zeah RC TRIAL 1.04.00

Blood and Soul rune-crafting

  1. Dark sage
    Great xp, Chance for that coveted pet

    Supports both Blood and Soul runes
    Afk chipping or Active/rapid chipping
    Supports shortcuts
    Blood essence support
    Optional DI usage

    Must have pickaxe and chisel upon start and be on zeah

Recent Reviews

  1. TheDrips
    Version: 1.3.12
    great bot, but only issue i had was when it runs out of energy, itd walk until 100% energy and wont re-enable the run so id have to sit there and manually turn it back on. please add running!
    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      will work it into an upcoming update
  2. eatdirtfool
    Version: 1.3.02
    Runs so nice, just printing gp when you use this
  3. Goenka
    Version: 1.2.4
    73 agility is a requirement, and tbh there is no way around this.

    Both this and pro used to work great, however, there is an issue with the pathing now. After the path has been 'successfully' built, it takes about 10 seconds between each movement. The script is unusable until this is addressed.
    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      Issue was fixed in latest update
  4. Carver13
    Version: 1.2.3
    Used to work amazingly.

    Idk what changed but in the past 2 days running both the Trial and the full version, everything works great besides traversing between the altar, the mine and the blood altar. One input is used to make you move, you then stand still for up to 10 seconds, until the next movement command is input. Very strange, very botlike, probably will result in a ban, be careful.
    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      issue has been resolved with pathing