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Darks' Sketchy Puro Puro PRO 1.03.06

Impling hunting made easy

  1. Dark sage
    • Requirements
      • Completion of Lost City
      • Talked to gnome once and have a net and at least 1 jar in bank/inv
    • Support
      • Baby - Eclectic Spawn zone camping
      • Magic use bind, snare, entangle, and lure
      • Rune pouch and staffs (the charged nature staff is not supported)
    • Modes
      • Stock pile Jars
      • Farming (will farm all selected implings)
    • Magic Options
      • Rune pouch support (divine and normal)
      • Pre-Emptive spell cast (selects spell while waiting for a target)
      • Chance to Skip Magic (the spinner below is the % chance it wont use magic to start hutning an impling)
    • Spawn Rolls
      • Spawn re-roll option (mainly used if spawn gets low catch rates, or crowded)

Recent Reviews

  1. DGAL
    Version: 1.03.06
    this bot is actually useless. ran it for 30 minutes and it didnt catch a single impling. either gets stuck in place or walks back and forth thru the wheat field. what a waste of money.
    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      Maybe review the setup guide or provide proper feedback for improvement
  2. lachiiee
    Version: 1.03.06
    Works good, Catch's what selected just fine. Wish it went up higher on what imps to choose
  3. Corrad
    Version: 1.03.06
    Doesn't work that good spend more time walking thought the wheat them catching
  4. jason246111
    Version: 1.03.02
    it doesnt really work at all currently i was using it and messing with all the settings and it didnt catch a single impling even when i gave it some help and caught 1 it never camped spawn it just walked around endlessly catching nothing.
    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      Try reaching out for help ... and provide useful information
  5. Sketchbait
    Version: 1.0.01
    Performs as advertised.