DarkScape Alpha Clay Goldfarmer 1.0

Goldfarming has never been easier.

  1. Aria
    Mines and softens clay in Burthorpe for 100k($0.30)/hr with no prep time! Have inventory set to preset 1.

    Alpha DarkScape Clay Goldfarmer is one of the many bots I have developed for goldfarming in DarkScape. You WILL get banned when using this bot for several days straight, so only use this bot on throwaway goldfarmer accounts and transfer your clay to your main account often.


    -Extremely easy to setup: In under a minute you can begin goldfarming with this bot with a fresh account, as all you need is a bronze pickaxe.
    -Performs well in laggy environments, even on a laggy VPS where you will literally have only 2 fps
    -Automatic rock selection, will go to empty clay rocks so your bots don't crowd each other.
    -Will automatically walk to Burthorpe


    -Have the make-x interface enabled.
    -Have your inventory and equipment set to preset 1 (for faster banking and if you want to use a better pickaxe/bracelet of clay)
    -Set your respawn point to Burthorpe

Recent Reviews

  1. Madras
    Version: 1.0
    As ghjkl321 said before: The script get stuck at bank.. My bot open the present window and then make nothing.
    tried with eoc interface/eoc combat and make-x interface enabled
    a empty inventory is set to present 1

    Oh i solve the problem: I need to make the present to present 1. So click the circle botton on the right side.. My fault sorry :D

    Great bot :)
  2. ghjkl321
    Version: 1.0
    Almost a solid script. After an hour or two, maybe a bit longer, the script will get stuck at the bank and continuously click the Prayer Icon instead of the mini map. Lowest Default Setting + Fixed Window.