Dawg Firemaking 0.0.22

Burning through your logs for you!

  1. awesome123man
    Firemaking bot that can bank!
    Be aware this is a first release and is full of bugs. This bot should withdraw the logs you select from the bank and burn them in a user set rectangle. Please make sure that there are no places in the rectangle that can't have a fire on them :)
    Submit all big reports with comments on where they occur please!
    Along with addition ideas.

Recent Reviews

  1. Fearmate
    Version: 0.0.22
    It doesn't leave bank when it goes to refill with logs, and then it keeps trying to light logs in the bank
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      Sorry, thanks for mentioning it. It will probably take a while before I revisit this bot. I'm really busy
  2. hehexd
    Version: 0.0.22
    Works just fine! nice job :)
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      Oh cool! I didn't even know if it still worked