Dawg Gilded Altar 0.0.44

Pray the pain away!

  1. awesome123man
    It's here @tafani :D
    What it does:
    -Uses Preset 1/2 or Banks normally
    -Banks at Burthope
    -Teleports to Yanille
    -Enter's friend's house
    -Offer's bones
    -Teleports to Burthope
    -Start in Rimmington near portal with noted bones
    -Unnotes bones and enter's house of user entered name
    -Uses bones on altar and then leaves house
    Dawg Break Handler(New) :D

    If normal banking, the bot will withdraw the last bones in Bank.

Recent Reviews

  1. Snup
    Version: 0.0.44
    Iam using this on RS3.

    The bot has a few flaws.
    When it's done offering the bones at a gilder altar at a ''friends'' house it clicks teleport to Burthorpe.
    But the bot doesn't let it finish the teleport animation and clicks teleport again and again and again.

    Another flaw is when I teleport back to Burthorpe the bot wants to click the bank but someone stands in front of it so it doesn't click and just stands there hovering the mouse.
    Maybe it should right mouse click the bank.
  2. darkos29
    Version: 0.0.44
    Actually a pretty good bot. However, 1 BIG problem. When teleporting to Burth it teleports over and over again without allowing the loadstone port to happen so you just stand in the same spot whilst it spam clicks teleport. IF this was fixed and the speed was updated I feel like it would be an extremely good bot.
    Apart from that there are only a few minor issues like when banking it sometimes can not click the bank and when entering the portal it sometimes can not click the portal. If these minor things got fixed I would rate this bot at max!
    Thankyou for reading and I hope this helps!
  3. archer4083
    Version: 0.0.44
    does withdraw bones, types name in fine, then enters the house, leaves the house after. Then re enters the house and leaves again, etc.
  4. rimas
    Version: 0.0.44
    if it clicks on the altar and a long list of names shows up instead of "offer altar" it stays on that list without doing anything
  5. InfidelAllah
    Version: 0.0.44
    Broken as of 12/29/16

    Stuck on use bones.
    1. awesome123man
  6. JoeMe
    Version: 0.0.44
    Many thanks for this!
    Please add an option to enter and use your own house!
    Any way to disable camera moving? That's what usually brakes it.
    Camera pointing north with a big enough resizable client will allow the bot to see everything by default, which also makes it faster.
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      Suprized this still works! I am going to eventually rewrite this
  7. Many Cats
    Many Cats
    Version: 0.0.44
    Does a handful of runs and then logs out. Needs to be babysat as well. The bot also seems to freak out if your game has slightly longer loading times than perfect, it messes up the teleporting and pathing.
  8. TwoGlenn1994
    Version: 0.0.44
    Awesome bot, the idea is there, it does what it does but just needs some tweaking here and there, good job author.
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      Thanks. Still need to fix for osrs
  9. mkultra
    Version: 0.0.43
    Enters and leaves portal repeat never actually uses bones. (OSRS)
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      I have been working to fix this. Patience plz, I know it's broken
  10. jujuop
    Version: 0.0.42
    offers up bones well in osrs! it doesnt seem to be leaving the house tho i have to do that manually.
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      I have seen this problem first hand and am looking into what is happening