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Divine NMZ Lite 4.0.11

You couldn't dream for more exp!

  1. Serene
    Dream Away to Unlimited EXP

    Premium Features:
    - All Bosses Supported
    - Available Boss detection
    - Rockcaking
    - Rapid heal (w/ optional quick-prayer support)
    - Overloads
    - Absorptions
    - Prayer Potions w/ banking
    - Dream & Potion purchasing
    - Unlimited dreams w/ option to stop after "x" number of dreams
    - Special attacks with over 35 supported weapons; variant detection
    - Intelligent potion detection
    - All rumble dream modes supported
    - Fully customizable breakhandler w/ saving & loading breaks
    - In-depth Skill and Profit trackers
    - Auto-filling UI for quick usage
    - Ability to save & load settings (premium only)
    - In-depth anti-ban with 'no-action' detection to keep you aggro
    - Supply, ammo, and blowpipe scale/dart detection
    - Early quitting (through both overloads and low supplies)
    - Hp-leveling compensation
    - Magic re-select (for when you finish dreams)
    - Resizable mode support
    - Guthan's mode support
    - Quick-prayer auto correction (will remove and set correct quickprayers for you!)
    - Auto-retaliate auto-correction (will turn on auto-retal in case you forget; please try not to though!)

    Lite Features:
    - Rockcaking
    - Absorption & Overload support
    - Prayer potion support
    - Custom-hard dream modes
    - 1 dream/limited-runtime per usage. If you use the bot and it stops shortly after trying to run it, take a look at your logs. You have probably hit the limit for free usage.
    - Full skill & item tracker

    Future features:
    - Power surge enabling (finished - delayed until further notice)
    - Combat prayer flicking (finished - delayed until further notice)
    - Non-NMZ potion support [ranging, combat, scb, divine's] (finished - delayed until future release)
    - DH repair (in progress)​

    Bug reports are always appreciated. I'd love to make this bot as functional and efficient as possible. If you run into an issue, the best way to report it is by following the guide below:

    To report a bug (this should be done for each encountered):
    Upload a copy of:
    RuneMate (Spectre) logs
    Bot logs matching the specific instance(s) where you have encountered the bug (i.e. Divine-###-DDMMYY)
    If RuneMate will not let you upload as .log files, save them as .txt files before uploading; or upload them to pastebin.
    Logs can be found in the RuneMate client by selecting Help -> View Logs.
    They can also be found at:
    Windows: C://Users/User/RuneMate/logs
    macOS: /Volumes/Users/User/RuneMate/logs
    Please describe the problem as best as you can.

    Refunds are offered if the bot didn't perform as promised (i.e., if there is a bot crash, the bot gets stuck for extended periods) or you ran into early-execution issues (unexpected client issues that have otherwise not been reported). In order to request one, please follow the guide below. (Note: Refunds caused by user error (i.e. you not reading the overview, or not understanding the activity prior to setting up the bot) will likely not be refunded).

    To request a refund:
    Please direct-message me, or post on the support thread, with all of the following:
    All items listed in the bug-report section below.
    Wallet screenshots (with your username & session transactions showing) to verify that you paid for the session(s) mentioned.
    If you are enjoying my bots, feel free to donate: Anything helps!
    Thanks (y)
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Recent Reviews

  1. zRelickz
    Version: 4.0.11
    *Important Note*

    Make sure to remove menu entry swapper options. This will make the bot eat below 50 hp and won't be able to use overload. Other than that works as advertised! Just wish I realized it before I hit the trial limit.
  2. yoyo6969
    Version: 3.4.41
    all this bot did for me was stop my melee prayers, and made me die LMFAO
    1. Serene
      Author's Response
      did you understand how to use it? lol.
  3. The68W
    Version: 3.4.41
    best melee bot
  4. Sladecrossfield
    Version: 3.4.41
    only messed up once accidently not taking the overloads but other than that Amazing
  5. karla grisman
    karla grisman
    Version: 3.4.41
  6. BallBag
    Version: 3.4.41
    This is very good, however, sometimes it tries to withdraw the pots from the chest. Stupidly, I got over confident with this and left it for 40 minutes without checking and it was stuck repeatedly trying to get pots from the chest. Let's hope I get away with that! Just keep an eye to make sure everything sets up properly and it really good.
    Version: 3.4.41
    Incredible <3
  8. Bybisx
    Version: 3.4.36
  9. dgomes420
    Version: 3.4.36
    works great, sometimes crashes but other than that efficient. Do you accept paypal or venmo!!
  10. xsv76
    Version: 3.4.36
    works great but could you add the locator orb?